Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Testing Week...

All of last week, I didn't write. Sadly, that is because I had homework up to HERE! This week is testing week so I prob'ly won't be able to write too much either. :-( Anyway, let's get started with last week's songs!! WARNING: A lot of these songs r from musicals. I was really weird.

Monday: Defying Gravity

OMG!!! I saw this musical in Hollywood with my BFF, Simone, and it was SO GOOD!!! I was uber-weird on Monday, so I decided, I was so high that I wanted to fly and I picked this song. It includes, "Unlimited," and "I Hope You're Happy." :-)

Tuesday: Legally Blonde by Laura-Bell Bundy and Christian Borle Green

For those of you who have not seen the movie, this is gonna be confusing. Elle goes to Harvard to follow a guy that dumped her. In the process, she figures out she's a great lawyer, and meets, Emmett. :-) After her professor, Callahan, hits on her, she decides that she didn't really earn anything and that Callhan only chose her because of her looks. So, in this song, she's leaving and going back to LA. Emmett wants her to stay. Awww...tear...

Wednesday: Static by Everlife

This is an AWESOME BAND!!! And an uber-cool song. :-) It's like you're trying to tell someone something and then your voice is just gone. You don't matter anymore and there's nothing you can say anymore that will make them realize what's going on.

Thursday: Stronger by Kanye West

I luv all chipmunk songs. SOOO FUNNY!!
Btw, I'm doing this version because all the others don't have the embedded thingie...

Friday: In a Second by Aly and AJ

Such a sweet song...

Saturday: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

I think this is so cool. She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts, she's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers, dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that what you're looking for has been here the whole time!!!!!!! LUV IT!!!

NOW...i have to go to school...

Luv u all!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Reason by Hoobastank

First, I just wanna say that the band title, Hoobastank, is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus, the lyrics are really cool.

"I've found a reason for me to change who I used to be. A reason to start over new. And the reason is you... I've found a reason to show a side of me you didn't know. A reason for all that I do. And the reason is you..."

I recently found this song on Stephenie's Meyer's NEW MOON Playlist. BTW, that's a song that inspired and helped her to write it. Apparently, it's supposed to be Edward's point of view. If you want to see more, go to:


And here's the video for "The Reason."

Another song in her playlist was I Miss You by Blink 182.... :-)
Luv that band :-)
I had never heard the song before, but it's really good. So, even though it's not the "Song of the Day," here it is:

Now, because I'm posting in the morning, I don't have much time. So, thank you all for coming for my awesome blog!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love Song

:-) For some reason, I love this song. It's independent, and gives off this, "Do I care what you think? No!" vibe. I LUV THAT!
This may not be the best vid out there, but this is the only one that had an embedded file... :-) Check it out. :-)

Awesome, right? I know!! :-)
So, I realized that this blog is kind of getting less focused on the songs and more on other stuff, and I think that's cool, bcuz, if it's only songs, it gets a little boring. But, here's the thing, I love all of these songs, I love writing on this blog, I love all the ppl that go to this blog and read what I have to say, so don't think that this is any less important!!! Not that you would...

I have this kind of star crush. He's a comedian but he was also in an awesome movie called "Employee of the Month." It's DANE COOK!!! Uh...his jokes are a tiny bit...racy...and...he swears...but, in this clip...well...there's no swearing, and it's hilarious!!!!

My friends and I always say that to each other when we're goofing off.
"You don't even know! My father was a brilliant man!"
The second part was farther on in the joke...

This next one does have one major bad word in it, so stay away if you...well...if there are any small children in the room...sry...but it's hilarious!!!

Okay...admittedly, Dane is a little crude...but, honestly, he's funny!!!!
And he does say the "f" word.
BTW, snarky...google it and click on the part that says, "Urban Dictionary" and it says, "Word that should be googled per instruction of Dane Cook."

Look at some of his other stuff.
B4 i go, i gotta show u this...



Monday, April 13, 2009

Apologize by One Republic

I'm pretty sure u guys have all heard this song. It's really good. Check out the vid and tell me what you think!! :-)

I've been working on this idea, The Day I Died. I started it in fourth grade and just returned to it last year. Here's Adam Blackwell's description....

Adam Blackwell is a Son of Fire—the son of The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, whatever you want to call him. His hair is blood red, his skin if pale white from when Lucifer tried to kill him and his soul leached away from his body, and he is so beautiful he could melt your heart, even without his powers. He has a tattoo on his neck, a skull and “666” entangled together. It’s his birthmark.
He has a very complicated past. His sisters or half-sisters have all betrayed his father, ditching Lucifer and serving God as angels. Plus, his own father tried to kill him.
Lucifer never wanted his sons to be born. They weren’t a good image for him. See, they were born because of the love their mother’s had for them. If Lucifer had his way, they would be dead long before they were born. When he tried to kill his sons a little piece of his power was taken and given to them. The Devil didn’t want to lose his powers to a child, even his own.
Sons of Fire are...different. Their hearts are made of solid gold, taken from the dear love their mothers gave them, and Lucifer doesn’t like that. If you consider the fact that Lucifer used to be an angel and used to be a servant of God, you would understand the power that he has of manipulating love and hearts and, well, anything really. So, instead of wasting his powers in trying to plunge a dagger into his sons, he simply changed that solid gold love in the chests of his male line. Instead of pure love, all they have is hate, black, the ability and skill of gaining trust and then manipulating it. It’s quite impressive, really, even though it could eventually bring an end to the world as we know it.
Thankfully, God has his own army to fight against them—the Sons of Fire’s only mortal enemy, the only thing that can kill them, the only thing that can bring their downfall.

And I wrote that in fourth grade. :-) Because of this book and how I have it written out in my mind, I'm gonna show you a song that I think goes well with it. Nikki and Adam are two polar opposites, pitted against each other as warriors, but their emotions get it in the way... Nikki is the kick-ass girl who hates to let a guy in her way, and Adam is trying to help her. She's supposed to hate him. Instead, it's exactly the opposite. Only one problem, one has to kill the other. That's how it's eventually going to end.

This song is by Everlife. It's called Daring to be Different. :-) Listen to the words. I think it really works with the book. :-) Here's another.

Out of the Blue by Aly and AJ.
Finally, from the first moment Adam and Nikki really looked at each other, this is how I like to think they felt:

For ideas, recommendations, or whatever, leave a comment. But, you know what sucks?! You can't comment unless you have a GMail. :-( Not cool.
Btw, some ppl were asking for my email.


~Alyssa :-)

I Can't Sleep...

I really can't get to sleep so I thought I'd post this song that's been stuck in my head. Check it out.

I really enjoy this song. I'm not sure why, but I just do. :-/
Anway... Check this out.
Whoever has read those "Hollywood" books about an actress who get time off and lives a normal life, you're gonna kill me. There are so many of those books out there. So many different kinds. So, I decided, to write a Thom E. Gemcity Hollywood book. ;-)

For those of you who don't know what that is, I will tell you. I'm gonna write a book in which characters are based on people from my life. :-)
Check this out...it's not done yet:

Liza Kennedy-- Alyssa
Adam Scott (Fictional)
Damien Savarese (Fictional)
Tim Kennedy-- Katie
Steven Rayburn-- Kevin
Tom McGil-- Alex
Kenneth Ross-- Jonathan
Carrie Mauer-- Simone
Izzy Roberts (Fictional)
Alex York (Fictional)
Annie Kirklin-- Abby
Beth Kirklin-- Lily
Nicole White (Fictional)
Nicole Black (Fictional)

Adam Scott cannot be based on anyone. He’s fictional. He’s the Prince Charming that every girl wants. But he doesn’t exist. No one is that perfect. No guy is ever that selfless.

Damien Savarese is the little green monster of jealousy. He’s the guy that everyone loves, but he doesn’t love anyone. Except himself of course. There are too many people to base him on.

Izzy Roberts has so many possibilities. She’s the best friend that is always supportive and always comes to you with everything. She’s the one who you can always trust to handle things.

Alex York is like Izzy, but with flaws. He over-analyzes…rips things apart until he fully understands. And, sometimes, he never understands.

The Nicole Twins are the essence of evil. They parade around, thinking they know everything, masquerading as angels with common sense, when all the while, their hair is hiding their horns.

Bubble Wrap by McFly
Please, Please by McFly
Tied Together With a Smile by Taylor Swift
Invisible by Taylor Swift
Should’ve Said No by Taylor Swift
Number One by Skye Sweetnam
Running Away by Hoobastank
You Found Me by The Fray
Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson
Who’s That Girl by Hilary Duff
Can’t Get Me Down by Lo-Ball
All the Small Things by Blink 182
Adam’s Song by Blink 182
Never Underestimate a Girl by Vanessa Hudgens n’
I Could Get Used To This by Everlife
Don’t Touch by Ashley Tisdale
Goin Crazy by Ashley Tisdale

I'm gonna try to sleep, now. :-)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whoever Says "Like" Way Too Much...

OMG!!!!!!! I'm only giving intros of friends because my family has started reading this blog. And by family I mean family friends plus aunts and uncles... So, let's get started!!!
My friend Kevin told me his brother's YouTube account name, and I spent 4EVER on the computer watching the vids. It's hilarious!!! I say this vid, and instantly thought of Simone. By the way... Simone is the one that I talked about at New Year's. The one with the HUGE HAIR!!!! Sorry. ;-)

In this, Brian, Kevin's brother, has a friend who says "like" too much. Simone...sound familiar?
Check it out...

:-) So funny!!!!
Here's another one. Bloopers!!!
Miley Cyrus is my new swear word...

Watch some of the "Below Average," vids!!! HILARIOUS!!
:-) LOL!!!!! btw, if you happen to be a 12-13 yr old female attending foothills middle school, u r free to tell me if u think one of those guys is hot... but, i will not agree... maybe... depending on who it is... that's all i'm saying...



Happy Easter!!!!!!!

I have to go visit my grandfather at his house this year because he got eye surgery and he can't drive. :-( Anyway...
Yesterday I went to the mall and spent every penny I had... Well, I actually have 76 cents left, but I don't count that. So, at the end, I walk into Borders--the best store at the mall--and just look around. I'd already bought two books at the beginning cuz that's always the first store I go into. I walk around the Sci-Fi section, the Manga section, stop for a second, look for "Rocking Heaven", walk out of the aisle, disappointed, start looking for the "39" clues books, go to the Fiction and Fantasy section and find the next book in a series that I'm reading--was very happy, BTW--pick it off the shelf, keep it under my arm, and keep walking around until I reach the romance section.
I found an author recently who I thought was AWESOME!!!!!! Julie James has only written two novels, and her first was the one I bought two weeks ago, and then I found her second which came out last month! Her first book was called, "Just the Sexiest Man Alive." It was about this lawyer who has to train People's "Sexiest Man Alive" for his new movie. In the end, he realizes--the actor, Jason Andrews--that he is madly in love with the lawyer--Taylor Donovan. Taylor makes partner at her firm, but then learns that she has to move back to Chicago instead of staying with Jason. She is sure she loves Jason, but doesn't know how to tell him. Blah, blah, blah, they end up happily ever after. Sort of. I sincerely reccommend it. So I finished her second book today. Practice Makes Perfect. This one is a little...racy... Payton Kendall is a lawyer who has some major issues with her co-worker, J.D. Jameson. He's gorgeous, witty, and has the same track record as her. But she wants to be the best. His family has money, her mom never married her father. His mom wears fur coats and eats at expensive resteraunts, her mom is a vegetarian feminist. But, when they're put on the same project, things start heating up. Their feud has been going on for eight years, and just now, they're starting to come to grips with the fact that they may be starting to...tolerate each other...to say the least... That's before their boss tells them only one of them will be making partner. The other is booted from the company. Chaos. :-)

Today's Song is so great... :-) It's kind of like, OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I can't believe this. I...I've fallen in love with the ultimately unattainable person and they don't know I exist. This is kind of for the books. But...also for a friend of mine. And me. ;-)

It's called "Accidentally In Love" by Counting Crows
If you saw Shrek, you've heard the song. :-) Check it out. I luv it.

So, I had another nightmare. Fun, right? This one was majorly cool, though. Major. :-) I haven't finished writing it down yet, but it's looked in my brain, so it's all good. I realized something about all my nightmares, though. In every one, I can't see the face of the person or animal hunting me. And I'm always being chased. And I'm always trapped. Only in one of my nightmares was I able to see the face. And it was creepy!!!!! Then, in another one, I was the person trying to hurt me... If that makes sense. It was like I was staring in a mirror but the person in the mirror wasn't me... It was weird.
And, in one, I was wearing...gulp...pink! Shudder... But then it changed into a full-on black leather outfit and I instantly enjoyed the dream. Or, the beginning anyway.
I'm sitting here, typing, listening to last Monday's song, Adam's Song, and I'm learning that some people need a life. Like, me, for example. I spend all say in my room, reading, writing, and listening to music... And I've learned from a couple of people that this is how I seem: crazy. weird. strange. go my own way. never listen. off the charts. ignorant. I resent those comments. I think this is how people SHOULD see me, because this is who I am--

Crazy: Damn straight. That's who I am.
Weird: That's my personality. You didn't notice?
Strange: Just because I don't chase guys and wear "Hellister" and "Aberzombie" apparently means there's something wrong with my brain.
Go My Own Way: Because I should. I shouldn't be controlled my the freaks who think they control the school and everyone in it. As much as the school teachers and staff think it isn't true, THERE ARE CLIQUES!!!!!!!!

Never Listen: That is completely untrue. I listen. I respond. I speak. What do you think I'm doing now?!
Off The Charts: So...I act weird and crazy and silly. Didn't we cover this? THAT'S ME!!! AND I'M DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!
Ignorant: Okay. There's this song by McFly called "Ignorance." I am not ignorant. I'm not lacking in common sense and knowledge. Granted, I don't know everything, but, who does?!

Now, here's one of my own, and the reason I'm even making this list...

Don't Care What Anybody Thinks: There you have it. I am IMMUNE to insults. Go ahead. Try. I don't care if I'm not the smartest. I'm still smart. I don't care is I'm not pretty. I don't care if I'm too tall. I don't care. That's the main thing. :-)

So, because of this, I found a song by Raven Symone, called "Do You Own Thing." I absolutely love it. :-)

LUV U ALL! Don't forget to comment and... LIM!!!
BTW, that means Live In the Moment... Remember, I'm weird. ;-)


Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday :-)

Go by Kelly Clarkson
I love this song. :-) And Kelly, of course, I love her. :-)
So, today is Good Friday, the day when Jesus died on the cross for us. And, yeah, maybe the song doesn't work with that, but I've been so focused today on this nightmare I had last night. I tried to find a song that went with the dream and I actually did, but the embedded thing was disabled. It's called Running Away by Hoobastank. It's actually really cool, so check it out on YouTube if you get a chance. :-)

Anway, the nightmare was really creepy, so, like any good author, I decided I wanted to remember it. So I wrote it down. Here it is, transformed into something called, "Visions of Fantasy."

Every once in a while, I have the same nightmare, the same, horrible dream. I'm running through darkness at an unbearably fast pace that pushes my muscles to the limit, and then I suddenly fall onto my hands and knees. Weight pushes me down so that I'm on my stomach and can't get up. Tears stream down my face. I can't see through the mist covering my eyes. I'm blind.
Somewhere in the pain, though, I hear a sound of life that let's me hold onto my sanity. A voice is screaming into the night. Only when I take a breath, do I realize that the screaming is me.
More tears cascade down my cheeks.
And then I hear footsteps, slow, steady footsteps, coming that end by my ear. I can't see anything, but I hear the click of a gun getting cocked and my heart freezes.
That's when I wake up, breathing hard, holding onto my pillow, and wondering who is the person that almost ended up killing me.

So...waddya think? I wrote it at like 2 in the morning, so I was super tired. Do not tell me it's horrible or I will cry... :-(
I GOT 80 BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

For my birthday, my family always sends cash, so I got 80 bucks in full. :-) I already went online to look for books and have a list of things I want when I go to Borders tomorrow. :-)
And NO FEAR of course. Awesome T-shirts there. :-)

I've been told that I don't do shout-outs enough, so I'm gonna do shout outs. UR WELCOME!!!!!

Simone: Mr. Fluffy!!!!!! You already know it all. :-) All I can say is, do not forget about the Lock In at church!!!! In-N-Out, laser tag, broom ball... It's all good, man.

Abby: THANK U, THANK U, THANK U!!!! I love all the books!!! I already finished, like, ten of them. :-)

Celeste: You have the ability to make me laugh at the stupidest things!!!! LOL!!!!!!

Lily: I...I'm speechless...

Alex: Have fun in Mexico!!! I can't believe you're chilling in another country while we're going tot he mall!

Kevin: George McFunkle? That's really I can think of. :-) LOL.

Jonathan: Keep your head above water and stop being girl-crazy. You will survive!

Julie P: I am so happy that we've grown closer. :-) Ur an awesome friend, Jules. Luv u. :-)

To all of my friends and teachers and EVERYONE!!!
I love you and I'm so happy that God had put you in my life. I'm truly blessed with all of you. I hope you enjoy the last few days of Spring Break!!!!



Heartless by Kanye West... Awesome song... :-)
But, here, they're making it seem like girls are the only heartless ones...that's why today has two songs to show that guys can be cheating jerks as well. ;-)

So...I think there is no better song than Should've Said No by Taylor Swift.
It very clearly states that the guy cheated. You know what? Guys and girls, I'm saying this right now:

If you wanna cheat on someone, don't! If you don't love them, break up with them. Dumping them is a hell of a lot easier to get over than finding out your boy/girlfriend cheated on you. And you say they're never gonna find out? Guess what? Everybody finds out.

Here, Taylor plays the guitar for the beginning, and then throws it off stage. I love that. Then she has an awesome costume change and then, at the end, she gets a little wet... LOL!!!!!

"And you say that the past is the past. You need on chance.
It was a moment of weakness when you said yes.
You should've said no.
You should've gone home.
You should've thought twice before you let it all go.
You should've known the word about you did with her'd get to me.
And I should've been there, in the back of your mind.
I shouldn't be asking myeslf why.
You shouldn't be begging for forgiveness at my feet.
You should've said no,
Baby, and you might still have me."

BTW, totally buy Taylor's CDs. They are sooooooo good! Her first one has some wicked songs!!!

One more thing before I go chill and rest my fingers...
Every once in a while I'm gonna post theme songs. Like, people I know, and songs that go along with them. Some fictional characters, too. :-) Also, every couple months, I'm gonna be posting songs and quotes and yadda yadda yadda. But they're recommendations!! Books, CDs, singers, bands, authors, comedians, everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So show up and keep reading my life through the arts!!!!!


Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday's song was So Small by Carrie Underwood.

Everyone thinks about themselves first. It's the worst flaw that we have as humans. You work super hard to get over that mountain and do something for yourself. Why not do something for others?
"Love is all matters after all, it sure makes everything else seem so small."

On Tuesday, I went over to this friend's house from church and we had a sleepover. We were playing with my iPod and we stumbled onto this song. I'm pretty sure I've used it before for this website, but I had never really listened to the song. Katie runs my iPod because I'm horrible with it. Every electronic that I touch dies. Which totally sucks. Anyway, I heard the song for like the second time and I realized, "This song has a lot of meaning." It's really cool. :-)

As you can see by the title, I decided to group the two days together. :-) For my eleventh b-day, we were in Kentucky and so my parents bought our presents there. I got an Ashley Tisdale CD and some notebooks. The best part was the notebooks. LOL.
But, I started listening to the songs and some of them were really good. Few had real meaning like Carrie's, but, Ashley is very talented and whatnot, and this song is for all the girls out there.

It's called Goin' Crazy and I think every girl has felt this way. We're boy crazy. Sort of. ;-) Simone is the real boy crazy one. And Ariana. And, Abby's kind of a player... LOL. Don't kill me! :-)

"You got me goin' crazy,
wanna be your baby
I don't know what to do,
I can't take my eyes off you,
You got me goin' crazy,
It's just the way you movin'
I really wish you knew,
what you do,
I can't take my eyes off you."

Sound familiar, girls?

LUV U ALL!!!!!!
Alyssa :-)
Hey, guys! I'm skipping last week's songs cuz I lost track. It's Spring Break. I have reason. So...Monday's song!!!!!!! Adam's Song by Blink 182!!!!!!
This is an awesome band. Tom, Travis, and Mark... Swoon...
:-) LOL.

So, watch the vid! I'm gonna be posting seperate blogs for the songs of the day of this week. Tuesday's will be the next blog. Then Wednesday's....yeah. You get it. And they're gonna talk about the band, why I like them, why I chose the song...
All that good stuff. :-)

Let's get started.

Monday was kind of like waking up and realizing, "Wow. I don't have to go to school." I slept in. I had lunch. I watched TV. And then my mom ruined it by making me do chores. Ugh...shudder. I've been texting my friends all week. We went to Wednesday Night Live at church, we went to the zoo yesterday. So far, it has been awesome! Anyway, on Monday, I did not get to see the House episode where the best actor ever, quit. Kal Penn played Kutner. He then decided that he wanted to join the Obama administration which then got my dad on a roll with jokes.

Dad: So they put him in a house that's white and give him stuff to do. He's gonna be like, "So this is the White House? It looks smaller up close." "Yeah, that's the camera angle."

:-( Kal is hilarious.


Kutner killed himself. But he was always working hard on the team...blah blah blah...
Anyway, I picked this song to dedicate to him. Kutner, not Kal. Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna stop talking before I lose ALL of my dignity.

I really really really love this song. I think it's because it shows how real suicide is. And depression. And depression isn't something to be ashamed of. If you're seeing a therpist or a shrink or whatever, it's good. It's healthy. When suicide becomes an idea, that's when you really need to talk to someone. A school therapist, a parent, or just a friend. Did you know that one out of every twenty kids are depressed? So if we have aproximately 400 kids at Foothills, there's a good chance that at least 20 kids are suffering from depression. As much as kids try ot ignore it, it doesn't go away without help. Listen to the song. Really listen.

"I never thought I'd die alone. I laughed the loudest. Who'd have known?"
"I'm too depressed to go on. You'll be sorry when I'm gone."

It's the kids that don't talk about about death that you have to worry about. When they make a big show of it--eyeliner, black clothing, talking about what they're gonna do to themselves--there's something there that's sad. But it's small. When they stay quiet, when they hide, something's up. And that sucks because you can't tell. They laugh but inside they're crying and fighting to stay above water. If someone reaches out, you damn sure better help them. They might not be there the next day.

Now that all the serious stuff is out of the way, there's this really funny thing that I definitely have to show you. :-) It's from Hot Rod. Check it out.


So, Rod is the guy in the beginning. Then Kevin, Rico, and Dane. Or Dave. Or something like that. But it's funny. :-)

LUV U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So Happy!!!!!!!

Today was so fun! It was all-in-all a very good day. Granted, I did have a dentist appointment and now my teeth--or my guns, I really can't tell--really hurt... :-(

Today's song was really great for how I was feeling. Let's jump right in. :-)

I'll Be Okay by McFly
This is a very inspiring song. Seriously. It's like, every though some stuff is gonna be hard right now, everything's gonna be okay. :-)

Tomorrow's song is in the same vain. :-)

Tied Together With a Smile by Taylor Swift
This is basically my theme song. Every word of the lyrics is something has happened to me. It's sad, but a really good song.
"Hold on, baby you're losing it.
The water's high, you're jumping into it and letting go.
And no one knows...
That you cry, but you don't tell anyone.
That you might not be the golden one...."
Sry the song cuts off. That's the best version I can find. :-(

I'm chatting with some homies so I just wanted to give yall an update. Tell you more tomorrow!!!!!!!! END OF QUARTER!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Band Concert!!! Plus...It's April Fool's Day!

OMG!!!!!!! We have a band concert today!!!!!!! Plus an English Benchmark and a CH 10 Science Test. Great. I just ruined it. Anyways, I've been so busy, getting home at 4:30, finishing my hw at, like, 10:00, and then finally falling asleep at 10:30 because I text for half an hour. Then I wake up at 5:30 and take a shower, then get dressed, go on computer, and leave at 7:40. Very busy.

So, I created a plan to remember the songs of the day. I put a ton of sticky notes by my bed and then I just think about the day and write down the song, who it's by, why I chose it, and the thing that happened that made me think about that song. :-) Clever, huh?

Monday: Static by Everlife
Everything was super hectic with plans and stuff, and it felt like I wasn't understanding anyone and no one was hearing me. So, I thought this was the perfect song. Listen up.
It's super cool.

Tuesday: HELP! by The Beatles
Me and my friends all love The Beatles and I thought this was cool. I had Bible Study after school, and even our lesson made since with song. You can't do it by yourself. You need help. King Saul...King David... You know what? I talk too much. :-)
LUV THEM!!!!!!! LOL...

Today: Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down
:-) Don't hate me! This song is Gibbs' theme song, so it's put to a munch of clips from the first couple seasons. Oh...so good!!!!!!!
BTW, the blonde that looks really scared at, like, 2:10. That's Paula Cassidy. I luv her. :-)
The reason I chose this song was because we have a Benchmark and a Science test and a band concert. It's going to require a lot of fighting to get through the day. :-) At least I did all my hw. I think...


Mrs. v's class--look for my April Fool's Outfit today. I'm dressed in all black with eyeliner. Very cool.
The "F" group, plus Celeste, Julie, and Ariana--we get it...I'm crazy...stop talking about it.
LILY!!!!!!! ARGH! I can't believe you. You know I hate it that Zach calls me "Katie Mazer's Sister." Thanks. A lot. :-)

With luv...