Monday, April 13, 2009

Apologize by One Republic

I'm pretty sure u guys have all heard this song. It's really good. Check out the vid and tell me what you think!! :-)

I've been working on this idea, The Day I Died. I started it in fourth grade and just returned to it last year. Here's Adam Blackwell's description....

Adam Blackwell is a Son of Fire—the son of The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, whatever you want to call him. His hair is blood red, his skin if pale white from when Lucifer tried to kill him and his soul leached away from his body, and he is so beautiful he could melt your heart, even without his powers. He has a tattoo on his neck, a skull and “666” entangled together. It’s his birthmark.
He has a very complicated past. His sisters or half-sisters have all betrayed his father, ditching Lucifer and serving God as angels. Plus, his own father tried to kill him.
Lucifer never wanted his sons to be born. They weren’t a good image for him. See, they were born because of the love their mother’s had for them. If Lucifer had his way, they would be dead long before they were born. When he tried to kill his sons a little piece of his power was taken and given to them. The Devil didn’t want to lose his powers to a child, even his own.
Sons of Fire are...different. Their hearts are made of solid gold, taken from the dear love their mothers gave them, and Lucifer doesn’t like that. If you consider the fact that Lucifer used to be an angel and used to be a servant of God, you would understand the power that he has of manipulating love and hearts and, well, anything really. So, instead of wasting his powers in trying to plunge a dagger into his sons, he simply changed that solid gold love in the chests of his male line. Instead of pure love, all they have is hate, black, the ability and skill of gaining trust and then manipulating it. It’s quite impressive, really, even though it could eventually bring an end to the world as we know it.
Thankfully, God has his own army to fight against them—the Sons of Fire’s only mortal enemy, the only thing that can kill them, the only thing that can bring their downfall.

And I wrote that in fourth grade. :-) Because of this book and how I have it written out in my mind, I'm gonna show you a song that I think goes well with it. Nikki and Adam are two polar opposites, pitted against each other as warriors, but their emotions get it in the way... Nikki is the kick-ass girl who hates to let a guy in her way, and Adam is trying to help her. She's supposed to hate him. Instead, it's exactly the opposite. Only one problem, one has to kill the other. That's how it's eventually going to end.

This song is by Everlife. It's called Daring to be Different. :-) Listen to the words. I think it really works with the book. :-) Here's another.

Out of the Blue by Aly and AJ.
Finally, from the first moment Adam and Nikki really looked at each other, this is how I like to think they felt:

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~Alyssa :-)

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