Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday :-)

Go by Kelly Clarkson
I love this song. :-) And Kelly, of course, I love her. :-)
So, today is Good Friday, the day when Jesus died on the cross for us. And, yeah, maybe the song doesn't work with that, but I've been so focused today on this nightmare I had last night. I tried to find a song that went with the dream and I actually did, but the embedded thing was disabled. It's called Running Away by Hoobastank. It's actually really cool, so check it out on YouTube if you get a chance. :-)

Anway, the nightmare was really creepy, so, like any good author, I decided I wanted to remember it. So I wrote it down. Here it is, transformed into something called, "Visions of Fantasy."

Every once in a while, I have the same nightmare, the same, horrible dream. I'm running through darkness at an unbearably fast pace that pushes my muscles to the limit, and then I suddenly fall onto my hands and knees. Weight pushes me down so that I'm on my stomach and can't get up. Tears stream down my face. I can't see through the mist covering my eyes. I'm blind.
Somewhere in the pain, though, I hear a sound of life that let's me hold onto my sanity. A voice is screaming into the night. Only when I take a breath, do I realize that the screaming is me.
More tears cascade down my cheeks.
And then I hear footsteps, slow, steady footsteps, coming that end by my ear. I can't see anything, but I hear the click of a gun getting cocked and my heart freezes.
That's when I wake up, breathing hard, holding onto my pillow, and wondering who is the person that almost ended up killing me.

So...waddya think? I wrote it at like 2 in the morning, so I was super tired. Do not tell me it's horrible or I will cry... :-(
I GOT 80 BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

For my birthday, my family always sends cash, so I got 80 bucks in full. :-) I already went online to look for books and have a list of things I want when I go to Borders tomorrow. :-)
And NO FEAR of course. Awesome T-shirts there. :-)

I've been told that I don't do shout-outs enough, so I'm gonna do shout outs. UR WELCOME!!!!!

Simone: Mr. Fluffy!!!!!! You already know it all. :-) All I can say is, do not forget about the Lock In at church!!!! In-N-Out, laser tag, broom ball... It's all good, man.

Abby: THANK U, THANK U, THANK U!!!! I love all the books!!! I already finished, like, ten of them. :-)

Celeste: You have the ability to make me laugh at the stupidest things!!!! LOL!!!!!!

Lily: I...I'm speechless...

Alex: Have fun in Mexico!!! I can't believe you're chilling in another country while we're going tot he mall!

Kevin: George McFunkle? That's really I can think of. :-) LOL.

Jonathan: Keep your head above water and stop being girl-crazy. You will survive!

Julie P: I am so happy that we've grown closer. :-) Ur an awesome friend, Jules. Luv u. :-)

To all of my friends and teachers and EVERYONE!!!
I love you and I'm so happy that God had put you in my life. I'm truly blessed with all of you. I hope you enjoy the last few days of Spring Break!!!!


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