Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whoever Says "Like" Way Too Much...

OMG!!!!!!! I'm only giving intros of friends because my family has started reading this blog. And by family I mean family friends plus aunts and uncles... So, let's get started!!!
My friend Kevin told me his brother's YouTube account name, and I spent 4EVER on the computer watching the vids. It's hilarious!!! I say this vid, and instantly thought of Simone. By the way... Simone is the one that I talked about at New Year's. The one with the HUGE HAIR!!!! Sorry. ;-)

In this, Brian, Kevin's brother, has a friend who says "like" too much. Simone...sound familiar?
Check it out...

:-) So funny!!!!
Here's another one. Bloopers!!!
Miley Cyrus is my new swear word...

Watch some of the "Below Average," vids!!! HILARIOUS!!
:-) LOL!!!!! btw, if you happen to be a 12-13 yr old female attending foothills middle school, u r free to tell me if u think one of those guys is hot... but, i will not agree... maybe... depending on who it is... that's all i'm saying...



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