Friday, April 10, 2009


Heartless by Kanye West... Awesome song... :-)
But, here, they're making it seem like girls are the only heartless ones...that's why today has two songs to show that guys can be cheating jerks as well. ;-)

So...I think there is no better song than Should've Said No by Taylor Swift.
It very clearly states that the guy cheated. You know what? Guys and girls, I'm saying this right now:

If you wanna cheat on someone, don't! If you don't love them, break up with them. Dumping them is a hell of a lot easier to get over than finding out your boy/girlfriend cheated on you. And you say they're never gonna find out? Guess what? Everybody finds out.

Here, Taylor plays the guitar for the beginning, and then throws it off stage. I love that. Then she has an awesome costume change and then, at the end, she gets a little wet... LOL!!!!!

"And you say that the past is the past. You need on chance.
It was a moment of weakness when you said yes.
You should've said no.
You should've gone home.
You should've thought twice before you let it all go.
You should've known the word about you did with her'd get to me.
And I should've been there, in the back of your mind.
I shouldn't be asking myeslf why.
You shouldn't be begging for forgiveness at my feet.
You should've said no,
Baby, and you might still have me."

BTW, totally buy Taylor's CDs. They are sooooooo good! Her first one has some wicked songs!!!

One more thing before I go chill and rest my fingers...
Every once in a while I'm gonna post theme songs. Like, people I know, and songs that go along with them. Some fictional characters, too. :-) Also, every couple months, I'm gonna be posting songs and quotes and yadda yadda yadda. But they're recommendations!! Books, CDs, singers, bands, authors, comedians, everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So show up and keep reading my life through the arts!!!!!


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