Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a little excerpt

this is a little better than the excerpt i posted last time. it was fun to write.

Standing again, I made my way back to the girl. I bent down and just stared at her for a moment.

She had short, black hair, styled into a pixie cut, bright green eyes, and thick, full lips that were painted a black that was so black, even the slight gloss gave off a sinister, dark vibe. Her skin was slightly pale, most likely due to her death, but she was not as white as others cadavers I had seen. Her jaw was her most defined feature. She was petite, looked to be around four foot eleven. On the outside corners of her eyes, she wore black eyeliner, giving her eyes a look of depth, even in death. Around her pupils, streaks of yelled made her eyes look even more spectacular. But her eyes weren’t the only incredibly noticeable thing about her. More noticeable was her style.

She had a pair of black and red pants with chains hanging from the belt loops, swinging to connect with each other. But I lost sight of the pants when I reached her knees. From the knees down she had on platform boots that she most likely wore to add height to her small stature. With the boots she would be five foot five. Her boots were almost identical to the kind I wore, except mine were heel and mine didn’t have red and black buckles. Her black blouse was on the bed behind her and I leaned in to examine the wounds on her torso. She had cuts on her stomach, not severe, in fact, not very deep.

My gaze continued to her neck. I’d seen the slash as soon I’d entered the room. Now, I was really paying attention to it. It appeared to from ear to ear, at least two inches deep. Maybe three. The M.E., Carla Montoya, a bright, Hispanic woman with more than a decade of medical history behind her, and a wealth of knowledge, as well as plenty of spunk, walked around me and bent down at the opposite side of the girl’s head so she was kneeling across from me. She pulled gloves over bright pink nails as she glanced at her bag and took out a plastic ruler.

“Three point five inches deep,” she exclaimed, “and eight inches across. Ear to ear.”

Owen Cassidy walked in and patted my head. I looked up and smirked.

“Any idea what kind of knife could have done that damage, doctor?”

Carla rolled her eyes at being called “doctor” and answered Cassidy, “Bigger than a pocket knife, smaller than a meat clever.” She put back her ruler and took out a thermometer.

“That narrows it down,” he mumbled.

“But I’m not a highly experienced criminal investigator or a forensic scientist, so I wouldn’t know.”

“It’s probably either a combat or hunting knife,” I said. “I have one. Looks about the same.”

Owen glared questioningly at me. “Why do you own a hunting knife? PI’s really get that much hassle?”

I shrugged. “The product of a childhood of an abusive dad and a drunk mom that didn’t know I existed.” I didn’t say it like, feel sorry for me. I was just stating a fact, but Cassidy’s face softened. “I have a lot of weapons. I’m packing more than meets the eye right now.”

The boyish grin was back, his eyes widened and he ran his eyes over me quickly. I could tell that his gaze meant he was trying to imagine where I was hiding the weapons.

“If you two are done flirting shamelessly, maybe you could help me get the girl’s body onto the gurney and out to the truck. TOD's hard to estimate correctly until I get her back on the table. Too many factors.”

Connelly entered the room and whistled. “Cassidy, help Carla. Dern, do whatever it is that you’re paid to do.”

“When Miss Oliver hired me to solve this, she didn’t tell me that Metro and the FBI were being involved. I thought for once I would get a crime scene all to myself.”

“At least Metro’s gone,” Cassidy said as he lifted the girl’s body with Carla.

I pulled out a notepad and a pen and jotted down physical appearance, position of objects in the room, and then I pulled out my camera and snapped shots. I could feel a stare on my back the whole time.

i just wrote this today, so i havent had a chance to edit it, or whatever, but its not bad. if i do say so myself.
with love,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busted, Jordan Pruitt, and Miranda Cosgrove

I've been listening to basically all of these artists non stop during the past couple days. Check out these incredibly awesome songs.

She Wants To Be Me - Busted
-this song makes me laugh a little bit. its so silly.

Loner In Love - Busted
-sweet and sad and cute...all the things that Busted is...

Who's David - Busted
-sad song about cheating.

Thunderbirds Are Go - Busted
-fun song to goof around to.

Nerdy - Busted
-sorta silly, but really cool too.

Crashed The Wedding - Busted
-this is the reason i love Busted. just an awesome song.

My Shoes - Jordan Pruitt
-simone came over the other day and we just died laughing, cuz we were doing some silly dance moves. this is an awesome song for dancing. :-P

Who Likes Who - Jordan Pruitt
-nuff said.

Miss Popularity - Jordan Pruitt
-luckily, we don't have girls like this at our school, but there are some who come pretty darn close.

Stay My Baby - Miranda Cosgrove

Leave It All To Me - Miranda Cosgrove

thx for checking out the blog,
Songs Of The Day will start back up during school.
and just in case, here's my schedule:
1) Despard
2) Mortan
3) Washburn
4) Washburn
5) Castillo
6) McCulley

with <3

Sunday, August 16, 2009

songs i'm thinking of...

Just wanted to post some songs that I've been thinking about lately.
I've posted most of these before.
Its hard to explain each song and the significance it has for me, but I love all these artists, and I love how amazingly they show what they feel thru something they love and have chosen to share.

The Way I Loved You - Taylor Swift
I love Taylor Swift. She's an incredible role model to me. I love her lyrics and her music; I love how I can relate to some of the things she writes about, and how she never has to hold back when she's writing music.

1234 - Plain White T's
such a romantic, heart-touching song. 'nuff said.

Heartless (cover) - The Fray
this version is cooler than the my opinion. i like this version cuz its a little...softer i guess. but i love the Fray, too.

Stay Together For The Kids - Blink 182
Blink 182, without a doubt, is an incredible band. they're childish and fun, which they show thru "First Date," "The Rock Show," "Josie," and more, but they can also be serious, in songs such as "Adam's Song," and this song, they show that.

Outside Looking In - Jordan Pruitt
her first music video
this song is really important to me.

I'll Be Okay - McFly
very motivational. McFly is kinda like Blink 182 in the way that they're silly and serious. and they have British accents. :-P

Decode - Paramore
...too much to say...

omg, school's gonna start soon. the summer feels so short...
Scottie Days is coming up and i NEED to know my teachers, or i'm gonna have an ucky year. good thing my mom knows practically everyone. :-)


Thursday, August 13, 2009

some new old songs!!

these are some songs that i've heard before, but i've totally forgot about...until now...

Sadie Hawkins Dance -- Relient K
I seriously hope we have a Sadie Hawkins Dance at AHS. :-)

Caught Up -- Usher
Katie (my evil twin) and Simone (my bff) were playing this song 2 days ago and i was reminded about how cool it was. it is. :-)

Hello McFly -- Relient K
okay, i actually haven't heard this song before today, but it's a really good song. Relient K is actually very cool. :-)

I have not listened to Anberlin in sooooooo long. Or Blink 182. So, check these out... :-)

Burn Out Brighter -- Anberlin
this is totally Tony DiNozzo's theme song. i gotta put some NCIS clips along to this song and put it on YouTube. :-)

The Resistance -- Anberlin
luv this song.

The Rock Show -- Blink 182
no explanation necessary. it's just awesome.

First Date -- Blink 182

lol. if u've seen the music video b4, u know that their hair is...strange...
and tom has a mustache.

summer is almost over!
its so sad. :-( but then we get to go back to school and see our friends!
unfortunately, that means we also have homework.

enjoy the last weeks of summer!!

~luv u all,

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Copper Penny

I figured out an actual title for the Shannon Dern book. I'm calling in The Copper Penny, bcuz... well, just read the beginning and find out. I said before, the FBI Agent, Sam Morris was going to have had a previous relationship with Shannon, and this sorta explains it.
This will shed light on characters, on the crime, and the relationships. Please keep in mind that this is just a rough draft and I will be making changes.

The clock on my desk glowed in bright red numbers. It was 2:30 in the morning. I was sitting in my office, in my loft, staring at four files that the FBI had given me months ago. Four people had disappeared, one by one, each either two or three months apart. At the place where each person was suspected to be abducted, there was a penny, turned head down. Everyone who watched the news knew that the kidnapper was not a fool. But, only the FBI and I knew about the pennies. The strange thing about the pennies was that they had carvings in them. They were small, made by a micro laser, and hard to detect. In each penny was the carving, “IDB.” I couldn’t make sense of it, neither could the FBI.
None of the people had been found yet. All of them were suspected to be dead. The four people were all under the age of 35, were different races, no relation, no connection…
Jason Esposito; Hispanic; 34 years old; disappeared eight months ago from a parking lot to a local bar that I visited frequently called “O’Malley’s.” His car was found after his fiancĂ©e called Metro and told them that he was missing. She’d followed procedure. She’d waited 24 hours, called him many times, as well as his friends. All of his friends weren’t anywhere close to sober when she talked to them. The penny was found in his car, glued to his dashboard. Long story short, he didn’t show up for the wedding that was supposed to happen two weeks after he disappeared.
Dianna Eadler; African American; 25 years old; disappeared approximately six months ago from her tiny apartment. Didn’t own a car; always took the subway; both parents dead. She had one brother. He was autistic and lived with a foster family. He was 10 years younger than her, and hardly knew she existed. Just one month after she disappeared, he passed away from natural causes. Her penny was found stuck to the door of her apartment. Metro was notified by her neighbor who usually had coffee with her every morning. He seemed confused by the fact that she was gone.
Allison Taver; Caucasian; 28 years old; disappeared three months ago. The last time anybody saw her, she was playing guitar in the subway, trying to make money. She had a job at a fashion store; worked there for the past couple years. When we dug into her records we saw that she had been into drugs when she was in high school and then had gotten clean during her first year of college. She joined charities, fundraisers, and volunteered on weekends. She gave money, even if she didn’t have much to give. Her penny was wedged into a paste on her guitar case, sitting outside her apartment.
Timothy Joseph “TJ” Christian; Caucasian; 21 years old; disappeared just a little more than a month ago from the diner where he worked. His boss found the penny fixed to his locker and called the hotline I had set up. He was pushing his way through community college, had a steady girlfriend, and a family. His parents weren’t divorced—magical—and his sisters got along with him. It was a perfect family if I ever saw one. They talked on the phone every week, visited every holiday, simply just kept in touch. He had no drug problems, no record.
Metro had handled the first three disappearances they way they always did. They handed it over. Too many files on the chief’s desk led to more files for the FBI, which led to me being pulled me for help.
I used to be a Metro Homicide detective, 10 years ago. But a friend in the FBI, Derek Weatherly, got me a job with a PI firm. And then 4 years after that, I went into business for myself. Derek then introduced me Owen Cassidy, Sam Morris, Sarah Galligher, Ray Connelly, Andy Lawson, and Michelle Stratz. Owen, Sam, and Sarah were the three people under Special Agent Ray Connelly’s wonderful teaching skills. He was team leader. Andy Lawson was an agent on another team. Michelle Stratz was the FBI Director, and a very close friend.
Six years ago, when I met them and became a consultant, Owen Cassidy was a FBI bad-ass. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, muscular, and looked like a model when he drew his gun. Damn. The first time I saw him, I melted. But, then, two weeks later, I met Sam Morris. Dark hair, dark eyes, perfect build… I was caught in a sea of gorgeous men.
Andy Lawson was just average. He had blue eyes and brown hair, average build, and was…well...he was sweet. Except that he hated Cassidy and Morris. It was hard to deal with. Lawson was a good agent, a good man, yet he could not stand them. I didn’t exactly blame him with the concept of Morris. I hated his guts.
It’s a long story, but six years ago, I’d hooked up with Cassidy, falling for him like a teenager. I’d thought I’d hit the jackpot with him. Unfortunately, Derek thought differently. A ten minute brawl outside the bar where he caught me with Cassidy and Cassidy was on the floor, a broken nose and a devil of a headache, I was sure.
Nobody but I, Cassidy, and Derek ever knew that we had been together. Obviously, if Morris had known, he wouldn’t have perused me so relentlessly.
Every girl, sometime in her life, dreams of having boys fight over her. I hated every second of realizing that I was falling for the friend of a man who was my ex. I hated the fact that two men cared me, and I could only have one. I hated it. But Morris and Cassidy were so incredibly different. It was wonderful. And I felt horrible.
After weeks of dinner invitations, flowers, emails and phone calls, I finally said yes. And after that, I didn’t exist anymore. He got a new girlfriend, he got obsessed with her and his work. I was invisible. It was all a game. He chased after girls he knew he couldn’t have, and after they took him—and they always did—he left them on his doorstep, half-dressed, shameful, and on the verge of tears. But with me, it took him six little dates to get that point. Drinks, dinner, dancing, and watching movies in his apartment…the platonic feeling I’d had for Morris had starting disappearing. So I fell into his arms and stumbled into his bedroom. And then I was on his doorstep, the door closed behind me, shocked.
I never spoke to him about it. I never acknowledged his presence during lunch with Cassidy and Derek, or during cases, or whenever I dropped by the headquarters. If we did speak to one another, it was to exchange rude comments and argue like children. And every single time he said my name, I wanted to slug him. Not because he said it rudely…but because of the feeling I got in my stomach when he said it in his deep voice. Sam Morris was the only man I had ever let, break my heart. And I’d be damned if I was going to let him do it again.
Six years had passed, and we hated each other. Why he didn’t like me, I didn’t really care. All I knew was that he was dead to me.
I glanced at the clock again and it glowed “3:00.” As I stood from my chair, I opened the forensics report from the scenes of abduction. Each penny was glued down using toothpaste. It should’ve picked up fingerprints, but our bad guy was smart enough to wear latex gloves.
There is no such thing as a foolproof crime. Only water-tight. But this was as close to foolproof as I’d ever seen.
Sighing, I dropped the file and ran my hand over my face. As I headed to my bedroom, my phone rang.
“Shay, were you asleep?”
“Far from it.” I continued to my room, collapsing on my bed. My legs hung off the end as I stared the ceiling. “What do you need?”
“Adrian Kapur; Northern Indian; 19 years old.”
My breath caught. I propped myself up on my elbows.
“Don’t toy with me, Cassidy. Another one?”
“And he has a family. He lives with his sister. She called the hotline twenty minutes ago. The penny was found stuck to his bedroom door.”
“With toothpaste?”
“Looks like it..."

And that's all you get to see until it's done. :-) well...the four people who read this, Simone, Kevin, Mom, and Dad. :-)

ta ta for now.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

new playlist

Simone made a playlist with 21 songs that she thought of because she was thinking about me and another person. The ones with *'s on them are songs that Simone has assured me do not actually apply to the playlist, she just knows that I like them. :-) All of the songs are awesome, and so... here they are.

Miss Independent-Kelly Clarkson

My Life Would Suck Without You-Kelly Clarkson

So What-Pink

You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift

That's What You Get-Paramore

despite the fact that this song was part of the movie soundtrack for "Twilight" that's not why she picked it. i think.

Picture To Burn-Taylor Swift*
this is an AWESOME song. luv it sooo much. :-)

Misery Business-Paramore
and here it is! the BEST song on the playlist! ;-) Simone and i agree that it's perfect.

Last Name-Carrie Underwood*

Beautiful Disaster-Kelly Clarkson

Before He Cheats-Carrie Underwood*

Should've Said No-Taylor Swift*
again, this song is amazing. Taylor Swift is an awesome song writer.
so, this is the music video for it, and at the end, she sings higher, and i think this version is actually better than on the CD, cuz i like how it changes. :-)


Drops Of Jupiter-Train

Our Song-Taylor Swift

I Write Sins Not Tragedies-Panic! At the Disco*

Love Story-Taylor Swift

What's Up, Lonely-Kelly Clarkson

I Caught Myself-Paramore

A Moment Like This-Kelly Clarkson

You Thought Wrong-Kelly Clarkson*

btw, today's song= Misery Business

luv you all,