Thursday, August 13, 2009

some new old songs!!

these are some songs that i've heard before, but i've totally forgot about...until now...

Sadie Hawkins Dance -- Relient K
I seriously hope we have a Sadie Hawkins Dance at AHS. :-)

Caught Up -- Usher
Katie (my evil twin) and Simone (my bff) were playing this song 2 days ago and i was reminded about how cool it was. it is. :-)

Hello McFly -- Relient K
okay, i actually haven't heard this song before today, but it's a really good song. Relient K is actually very cool. :-)

I have not listened to Anberlin in sooooooo long. Or Blink 182. So, check these out... :-)

Burn Out Brighter -- Anberlin
this is totally Tony DiNozzo's theme song. i gotta put some NCIS clips along to this song and put it on YouTube. :-)

The Resistance -- Anberlin
luv this song.

The Rock Show -- Blink 182
no explanation necessary. it's just awesome.

First Date -- Blink 182

lol. if u've seen the music video b4, u know that their hair is...strange...
and tom has a mustache.

summer is almost over!
its so sad. :-( but then we get to go back to school and see our friends!
unfortunately, that means we also have homework.

enjoy the last weeks of summer!!

~luv u all,

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