Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busted, Jordan Pruitt, and Miranda Cosgrove

I've been listening to basically all of these artists non stop during the past couple days. Check out these incredibly awesome songs.

She Wants To Be Me - Busted
-this song makes me laugh a little bit. its so silly.

Loner In Love - Busted
-sweet and sad and cute...all the things that Busted is...

Who's David - Busted
-sad song about cheating.

Thunderbirds Are Go - Busted
-fun song to goof around to.

Nerdy - Busted
-sorta silly, but really cool too.

Crashed The Wedding - Busted
-this is the reason i love Busted. just an awesome song.

My Shoes - Jordan Pruitt
-simone came over the other day and we just died laughing, cuz we were doing some silly dance moves. this is an awesome song for dancing. :-P

Who Likes Who - Jordan Pruitt
-nuff said.

Miss Popularity - Jordan Pruitt
-luckily, we don't have girls like this at our school, but there are some who come pretty darn close.

Stay My Baby - Miranda Cosgrove

Leave It All To Me - Miranda Cosgrove

thx for checking out the blog,
Songs Of The Day will start back up during school.
and just in case, here's my schedule:
1) Despard
2) Mortan
3) Washburn
4) Washburn
5) Castillo
6) McCulley

with <3

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