Saturday, February 28, 2009

Walk Away

This is Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson! It's a really good song. A while ago, Kelly and Reba sang this song together. If you want to check it out, it's on YouTube. :-)
Ugh...I'm so sluggish today! Yesterday I texted some of my friends a video of me jumping up and down on my bed to the song "bouncing off the walls" and now I'm so tired!

Because I was so bored this morning I decided to have an NCIS marathon, so I started with the episode I watched last night. I'm weird. But, that gave me a chance to analyze the video. If you read my last post, you know about the two pictures, the doomsday clock, and the baseball being hit. Well, there was actually two clocks. I missed the first one. And I forgot to mention another photo--a carved bears head. Like, made of wood, not the real head. When you put them together, you get the murder weapon--bat--the time of death--the doomsday clock--how long before the next murder--the other clock--and the place of the murder and where to find the next body--the park where the bear head is. It was scary! But awesome. And there was C4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, it was tied to a pretty blonde girl who was carrying a gun. :-) LOL!

Right now I'm talking to my homie Alex on the phone while typing! It's funny cause I'm holding the phone to my ear between my shoulder and my cheek. LOL!

BTW, I changed my ringtone to "bouncing off the walls" and I keep dancing everytime my phone rings!

I'm gonna post this now cuz my homie finally got to my website. And I wanna freak him out! :-)


Friday, February 27, 2009


Welcome, Sports Fans, I have big news! I've decided to start calling everyone sports fans! LOL! Sorry, that was a joke from "Scrubs!" Although I already wrote the post for today, I thought I'd just write some more stuff cuz I'm bored.

Right now I'm actually watching my fave TV show on YouTube called, NCIS. It's an episode called Murder 2.0 about a guy who films the people he murders, showing them while they died along with some pictures or clips. Like, he's showing one guy dying and then he cuts to a scene of a baseball being hit, then the doomsday clock. The NCIS team has to put the clues together to find out where and when the next murder will happen. I was reminded of this episode because my homie, Alex, was talking about this book he read called, "Skeleton Creek" and all these scary videos you can watch. :-) Fun.

The episode just ended. Sad. But awesome! C4!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! I love it when they take out the bombs! Yes!

Now I'm watching music videos about their forensic scientist, Abby. She's kind of gothic, but she never stops smiling, so she's not emo. I have great respect for her. I really want to be a forensic scientist when I grow up!! It sounds so awesome! Ballistics, fingerprints, toxicology reports, mass spectrometers, and lots of computers. :-) Heaven.

This is Abby--she's even weirder than me! Whoa! Who knew that was possible?!
Here's these really cool videos u have 2 c!!!!!!!! :-)

BTW, for the last video, Caf-Pows are these drinks that Abby has. They're basically liquid caffeine.

Okay, thanks so much! Keep reading!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tomorrow's Stuff

Hey, I'm probably gonna be too tired to write 2moro morning, so I'm gonna do tomorrow's song of the day plus more stuff right now. Tomorrow's song is "Number One" by Skye Sweetnam. OMG! Skye is so good. I can't believe she just disappeared off the face of the musical planet! She's so good. My theme song is "Tangled Up In Me" by her, so I love her. :-)

Here's the website:

Tell me what you think of the music video or whatever! Just comment! BTW, special thanks to seventh graders Queena and William who were the first people to comment. :-)

As I promised, here are the lyrics:

"I saw my boyfriend hanging with this girl that I hate
He didn't have to tell me why last night he was late
I can't believe what you tell me
Your lies have come undone
Now I'm living on the run looking out for number one

I took a ride to the city
Had to get out of this place
I just can't stand the pity
When the tears fall down my face
I used to think it was over
But its only just begun
Now I'm living on the run looking out for number one

One day you'll see me but only when your dreaming
One day you'll say I was the one
I hitched a ride on a Greyhound stashed away on a train
Bought a ticket for the subway
Playin' guitar in the rain
I want to follow Rivers to an island in the sun
Now I'm living on the run looking out for number one

One day you'll see me but only when your dreaming
One day you'll say I was the one
Late at night trying to fight
I just might think about him
Right now I'm feeling fine
I'm better off without him ya!
One day you'll see me but only when your dreaming
One day you'll say I was the one
I know that one day you'll see me
I'll haunt you when your dreaming
One day you'll say I was the one
I'm number one!"

Okay, now, the quote:
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
For all for the guys who aren't intellectual enough to understand it, let me put it like this: when you betray or hurt a woman, be prepared for some hell. :-)

Some art for today...well, 2moro. I'm gonna be very weird and go with a manga picture.

Go there and tell me who they are. If you are the first to tell me, u get a specialized shout out. Lily, this is totally gonna be u. :-)

And, that reminds me, SHOUT OUTS!

Everyone is Mrs. van Haaster's class:
Adrian, Queena, Varvara, Johnson, Rui, Eddy, Paige, William, Dianna, Vanessa, Carolyn, Andrew, Ariana, Parizad, Kyle, Chauncey, and anyone else--my fingers are tired--u rock! I can't thank u enough for putting up with me.

All of My Friends, Simone, Abby, Ariana, Ashley, Celeste, Lily, Julie Poladian, Alex, Kevin, Chauncey, Jonathan, Silvy, The Two Cheryls, The Two Nicoles, Sarah, Everyone in BAND, All of My Teachers, My Family, My Church, I can't tell you how thankful I am for all of you. Everyday I thank God that you are in my life and I am so blessed by you. I have to pinch myself to make sure you're not real. Now, Nicole Lum, if you could just get rid of that little nickname you have for me I would swear we'd be BFFs! Ugh! :-)

BTW, somehow, I am going to figure out how to actually upload the music videos and the pictures so i don't keep sending you to websites. :-)

Keep coming to the blog!

Never Again by Kelly Clarkson

Hey, Awesome People Who Like To Read Awesome People's Blogs!
Today's song is "Never Again" by Kelly Clarkson. Kelly is, like, my favorite singer. :-)
One thing, I understand that I texted some people the wrong address to this blog--I was really tired last night--but, if you were one of those people, you rock cuz you got my text saying, "Sry, it was ARTS not ART" so, you're cool. :-)

Back to the song!
Now, since the music video is a little racy, I found this video on YouTube, great courtesy of xx1music1xx. Okay--

This video also the lyrics to it, which I'm probably going to do from now on.
When this song first came out, there was a lot of argument over what Kelly was singing about. Was it a lost boyfriend? Or was it music career? Personally, I don't understand what her music career has to do with this song, but, hey, who can some of the good artists? Like, van Gogh for instance. He cut off his own ear, but, hey, the guy could paint!


Now, finally, before I leave 4 school:
Shout OUTS!!!!!!

Abby and her band Strauss-- I'm wearing the "Strauss" T-shirt today! And all I'm gonna say is "I'M WITH THE BAND!!!!!!!!" Sry, Celeste.

Simone-- I hope you find happiness, no matter who it's with. Just look to my V-Day card for cheering up. "We don't need men to validate us, we need men to buy us stuff."

Celeste-- You can make me smile just by giving me a look. That's special. :-)

Lily-- I sense some love in your future! Plus, love the quotes, man, THX!

Ariana-- You were thirteen in January, when's ur party?!

Ashley-- VEGUIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex, Jonathan, Kevin, Chauncey...all my guy friends-- You guys make me laugh, no matter what you do. And, Alex, I hope that whatever you do in life will bring you happiness, and Jonathan, U ROCKED THE HOUSE AT THE TALENT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin, Alex told me a joke about using "dictate" in a sentence. I can't tell you how hard I laughed after that! Chauncey, I promise, I will never call you "Chaun-Chaun" again.

Alyssa :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey Everybody

Hey, my name is Alyssa and this is gonna be my life through the arts--literature, songs, poems, whatever! We're always going to have a song of the day, whatever fits to my mood. Today, it's "Obviously" by McFly.

Copy and paste the website into the internet and, BAM, you will get the awesome song of today. You know, if the chorus went, "cuz obviously, HE'S out of my league, I'm wasting my time cuz HE'LL never be mine, and I never will be good enough for HIM" it would totally be a song about my life. LOL!

I'm also going to be posting shout-outs to my homies so make sure you keep reading to see if your name pops up!
First, thanks to Sarah Beckon and Nicole Lum for suggesting I start this blog. Awesome idea guys! :-) Also, to Lily for sending me some fun quotes! :-) We're gonna have those also. For example: My knight in shining armor turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil. :-)


So, this is just the beginning blog and there's not a lot here, but, I promise, there will be more. :-)
Wow, I smile a lot. Deal with it.
One other thing, this is also going to be the place where ppl @ foothills get updated or told off about drama. Two of my BFFs and my sister are insanely in the middle of it and so I will directing traffic so to speak. Lily, sorry, you're stuck right here with me.

Okay, sorry, apparently two other things--
Simone, if he doesn't realize what he's missing, he's gonna miss something good. Which reminds me of the day's quote:
"The day u wake up and realize u love me, i'll wake up with the guy who already knew."

BTW, anybody reading this and suddenly liking me and realizing I'm cool...
Sry, boys, I'm taken.