Friday, February 27, 2009


Welcome, Sports Fans, I have big news! I've decided to start calling everyone sports fans! LOL! Sorry, that was a joke from "Scrubs!" Although I already wrote the post for today, I thought I'd just write some more stuff cuz I'm bored.

Right now I'm actually watching my fave TV show on YouTube called, NCIS. It's an episode called Murder 2.0 about a guy who films the people he murders, showing them while they died along with some pictures or clips. Like, he's showing one guy dying and then he cuts to a scene of a baseball being hit, then the doomsday clock. The NCIS team has to put the clues together to find out where and when the next murder will happen. I was reminded of this episode because my homie, Alex, was talking about this book he read called, "Skeleton Creek" and all these scary videos you can watch. :-) Fun.

The episode just ended. Sad. But awesome! C4!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! I love it when they take out the bombs! Yes!

Now I'm watching music videos about their forensic scientist, Abby. She's kind of gothic, but she never stops smiling, so she's not emo. I have great respect for her. I really want to be a forensic scientist when I grow up!! It sounds so awesome! Ballistics, fingerprints, toxicology reports, mass spectrometers, and lots of computers. :-) Heaven.

This is Abby--she's even weirder than me! Whoa! Who knew that was possible?!
Here's these really cool videos u have 2 c!!!!!!!! :-)

BTW, for the last video, Caf-Pows are these drinks that Abby has. They're basically liquid caffeine.

Okay, thanks so much! Keep reading!

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