Thursday, February 26, 2009

Never Again by Kelly Clarkson

Hey, Awesome People Who Like To Read Awesome People's Blogs!
Today's song is "Never Again" by Kelly Clarkson. Kelly is, like, my favorite singer. :-)
One thing, I understand that I texted some people the wrong address to this blog--I was really tired last night--but, if you were one of those people, you rock cuz you got my text saying, "Sry, it was ARTS not ART" so, you're cool. :-)

Back to the song!
Now, since the music video is a little racy, I found this video on YouTube, great courtesy of xx1music1xx. Okay--

This video also the lyrics to it, which I'm probably going to do from now on.
When this song first came out, there was a lot of argument over what Kelly was singing about. Was it a lost boyfriend? Or was it music career? Personally, I don't understand what her music career has to do with this song, but, hey, who can some of the good artists? Like, van Gogh for instance. He cut off his own ear, but, hey, the guy could paint!


Now, finally, before I leave 4 school:
Shout OUTS!!!!!!

Abby and her band Strauss-- I'm wearing the "Strauss" T-shirt today! And all I'm gonna say is "I'M WITH THE BAND!!!!!!!!" Sry, Celeste.

Simone-- I hope you find happiness, no matter who it's with. Just look to my V-Day card for cheering up. "We don't need men to validate us, we need men to buy us stuff."

Celeste-- You can make me smile just by giving me a look. That's special. :-)

Lily-- I sense some love in your future! Plus, love the quotes, man, THX!

Ariana-- You were thirteen in January, when's ur party?!

Ashley-- VEGUIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex, Jonathan, Kevin, Chauncey...all my guy friends-- You guys make me laugh, no matter what you do. And, Alex, I hope that whatever you do in life will bring you happiness, and Jonathan, U ROCKED THE HOUSE AT THE TALENT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin, Alex told me a joke about using "dictate" in a sentence. I can't tell you how hard I laughed after that! Chauncey, I promise, I will never call you "Chaun-Chaun" again.

Alyssa :-)

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  1. >.< I wanna be in a shout out~~~ lol, jk. But haha, Chaun-chaun.... he called me Queeny the Wieny...