Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Idk y, but i cannot figure out how to post a stupid picture on this thing. so, you guys gotta go to this website, just copy and paste it into your URL box and...voila...


God, that is the hottest thing I have ever seen...


Monday, June 29, 2009

a ton of Taylor Swift and a shout out...

Shannon, Jessica, Jennifer, Camille, Daniel, Ian, Nathan, Johnny, and Chris!! Those are the ppl that I met when I went to DC last week. :-)
So, if any of them actually went to my blog, I just wanted to say...


So, I got this shirt from my friend Simone. Hi, Mr. Fluffy. On the front it has a cartoon of Abby Sciuto and it says, "I Hate Everything." It is soooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was being weird today, cuz i lost my Taylor Swift album and i'm really sad. :-( so, I'm gonna post some videos that I found, of songs on the album. there aren't all of them cuz they're not that popular, but i love them to death.


The Outside

Cold As You
Not the best sound quality, but pretty good. :-)

Should've Said No

Picture To Burn
And the vid is great.

Our Song
Her first Number 1. :-)

I'm Only Me When I'm With You
This song is soooo amazing. I'd sing it all day if I could FIND THE STUPID CD!!

I am only posting songs from her first album. So if you see others on YouTube and I haven't posted them, it's either cuz they didn't have audio, they weren't the whole/right song, or it wasn't off the first album. :-)

And that's all I could find.
Now, I just found this song as I was writing. Seriously. But it's really cool!

I Heart ?

:-) cool, right?
And this one, too! Wow. It's amazing what you can do when you're bored. lol.

I'd Lie

That is awesome. You cannot argue with that.

okay, guys! gotta get back to writing.
luv u all.

some random songs i thought of that i like.:-)

Falling For You by Busted

This is a great song. Luv it sooooooo much...

I just recently heard this song, and it does have the Jo-Bros in it, but it really isn't that bad...

On The Line by Demi Lovato ft Jonas Brothers

Okay. So it's a little cheesy. ;-)

So, I finally finished the first ten chapters of "Off Limits"
And I got an epiphany, so I'm nursing the idea of "Shannon Dern"
It takes a lot of tries before you get the perfect idea. I think this is it. It's kinda cool. She's a detective that works with Metro detectives, and FBI agents. And I had an idea that maybe there's a relationship between her and FBI Agent Sam Morris. So, he hurt her before the book starts and then she's not over him. And throughout the book, this is how it is:

Here We Go Again by Demi Lovato


I'm insane. But it's awesome. LOOK AT THIS!!!

Don Bellisario,
creator/producer or watever u r on NCIS,
when r we getting mcabby?
bcuz, seriously, everybody loves them. I understand you won't do "tiva" aka, Tony and Ziva cuz they're both agents,
but seriously,
McABBY!!!! :-)
And Mark Harmon,
i luv you, my silver fox.
sean murray,
season 4 til now, u r so hot!! in the first seasons, you were the dorky cute mcgee...now...damn...
:-) lol.
Pauley Perrette, we gonna need more black lipstick, girl. :-)

And this tiny clip right here shows you the real character development. Who everybody is. :-)

:-) "Ziva, did you kill Houdini?" "It is possible. I do not remember all their names."

luv u all.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

a playlist to help you understand

there's someone that really isn't getting what i'm trying to say, so i've gathered some rockin' songs to tell them what they're missing.

you're always blaming me for things that are you're own damn fault.
Blame Me! Blame Me! by Anberlin

"Blame me, blame me, blame me,
for mistakes you've made but you can't own.
Hate me, hate me, hate me,
for every honest word that you've postponed."

you need to be more careful with what you say. and the first verse is very much what you need to do.
Careful With Words by Aly and AJ

"Please stop calling on my cell,
i've got enough voice mails.
don't u get the picture?
i don't return ur emails,
IM, or your texts.
messages are getting boring fast."

go ahead and say whatever you want, bcuz u r never getting another chance...
Say What You Will by Nural

"So say what you will.
Say what you want to.
It could be a lie, and it’s alright.
Say what you will.
Say what you need to.
Cause there might not be a next time.
So tell me are you ready?
Are you ready?
To never again say what you will."

maybe you need to stop being so bigheaded and realize that this life is not about you. take this song to heart.
Burn Out Brighter by Anberlin

I wanna live inspired...
I wanna die for something
higher than myself.
Live and die for anyone else.
The more I live I see...

Now, onto a new playlist...
these are songs that explain how I feel and what you do to me...

you only make this feeling worse. u don't actually supply it. but it's basically the same thing. u don't try to help. u just pile it on top...
Adam's Song by Blink 182

"I never thought i'd die alone.
i laughed the loudest,
who'd have known?
i traced the cord back to the wall.
no wonder it was never plugged in at all.
i took my time.
i hurried up.
the choice was mine.
i didn't think enough.
i'm too depressed to go on.
u'll be sry when i'm gone..."

this "little girl" is me.
Soft Skeletons by Anberlin

"Dear little girl...
so much hurt...
for such a young age.
Trapped inside...
a pretty little lie...
your body's betrayed..."

the classic song that gives every detail of what you and the others do to me...
Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan

"To be hurt,
to feel lost,
to be left out in the dark,
to be kicked when you're down,
to feel like you've been pushed around,
to be on the edge of breaking down,
and no one's there to save you..."

i'm all the way in over my head and all you do is watch and ignore...how can u do that...?
Over My Head by The Fray

"let's rearrange...
i wish u were a stranger,
i could disengage.
just say that we agree and then never change..."

that's all for now.
i'm sure i'll think of more l8r...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a couple new songs

I was on youtube and came across some songs that i'm now in love with. check it out.

Don't Forget by Demi Lovato

I've been singing it alllllll day. No joke.

This one too. :-)

Careful With Words by Aly and AJ

I'm so insane. :-) lol.

So I've been tweeting and watching NCIS ALL DAY!!!!! It's like the best summer ever. :-)
i luv u all!

My new hobby...

So on Twitter, there are some ppl that have assumed the roles of the characters of NCIS. They act like the characters and solve cases made up by the one called NCIS_DiNozzo. Recently, I joined as Tobias Fornell and Jennifer Shepard, despite the fact that Jenny has passed. Cuz, really, who'd want to be Vance? Right? Right.
Everyday, DiNozzo updates a blog about what has to happen that day of the investigation. Yesterday, SevNav was attacking Jenny for no information, but she was also keepiong information from the team about a bug planted on a suspect by the FBI. But the suspect was a Petty Officer. So why was NCIS kept out of the loop? That's a question I'm going to have to answer today.
If you wanna see the background to my new hobby that has made me even nerdier than before--nobody knew that was possible!--and maybe even join, then go here:


I'm gonna be doing this all day! :-)
luv u all!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

one more thing

in the poem, i wrote "and i kno i can't have it all" and i meant to highlight the "have it all"

here's the song, btw. :-)

this is the only good one i could find. :-)
it's really cool.
so my sister posted my poem on facebook and if u want, u can check it out there. i didn't even get mentioned. "a friend." ha!
and again, if u gots a twitter:
EmilyZeray or
check it out.

Friday, June 12, 2009

it's the last day of school...

a poem of songs

welcome to my life, ladies and germs.
adam's song rings in my ears.
and that was not meant to rhyme, but i guess it really didn't.
crashed the wedding plays in my ipod,
cheering me slightly,
but sad songs still rock me to sleep nightly. ;-) lol.
and now, i just have to say,
welcome to MY life,
the hell hole i've been locked in for thirteen years.
bcuz i kno that i can't say, ur not sorry, to those ppl,
even tho i really want to.
the rock show isn't what it--life--feels like,
but it could be eventually.
and i kno i can't have it all,
and i kno i'll never be a part of the in crowd,
tho, really, who would want to?
so i guess i'll just have to dare to be different,
slow down,
and live with being in
over my head.
and i know i'm not superman,
bcuz i can just tell myself,
find yourself in you,
not in other ppl.
and this isn't going to last forever and always.
thos there might not be a white horse with a
night in shining armor,
i will have a time for me to
and today started it all. :-)
still, life is fully of
and i will never forget that,
no matter how hard i try.
but i'll speak for myself,
and maybe, one day, someone will say,
who's that girl with 5 colours in her hair?
cuz that's wat i'll be.
that weirdo with 5 colours in her hair,
black lipstick,
and a wacky smile. :-)
but i'll always wear a smile.
and won't let anything get me down.
cuz you can't get me down.
and i'll do watever i want,
cuz i can.
and i'll never forget that in my own eyes,
i come first.
my feelings come first.
i'm number one.
and i won't let all the small things bother me,
and then delight in the good small things that
warm my heart. :-)
i won't always be stuck in the middle.
and my sister won't always be
breaking my heart.
and people won't always blame me, blame me.
yet, as great as that sounds,
right now,
i'm taking it one day at a time.
one step at a time.
welcome to my life.

Welcome To My Life:

Adam's Song:

Crashed The Wedding:

You're Not Sorry:

The Rock Show:

The In Crowd:

Daring To Be Different:

Slow Down:

Over My Head:


Find Yourself In You:

Forever and Always:

White Horse:



Speak For Myself:

5 Colors in Her Hair:

Can't Get Me Down:

Coz I Can:

Number One:

All The Small Things:

The Middle:


Blame Me Blame Me:

One Step At a Time:

i luv u all so much
have an awesome summer!