Saturday, June 27, 2009

a playlist to help you understand

there's someone that really isn't getting what i'm trying to say, so i've gathered some rockin' songs to tell them what they're missing.

you're always blaming me for things that are you're own damn fault.
Blame Me! Blame Me! by Anberlin

"Blame me, blame me, blame me,
for mistakes you've made but you can't own.
Hate me, hate me, hate me,
for every honest word that you've postponed."

you need to be more careful with what you say. and the first verse is very much what you need to do.
Careful With Words by Aly and AJ

"Please stop calling on my cell,
i've got enough voice mails.
don't u get the picture?
i don't return ur emails,
IM, or your texts.
messages are getting boring fast."

go ahead and say whatever you want, bcuz u r never getting another chance...
Say What You Will by Nural

"So say what you will.
Say what you want to.
It could be a lie, and it’s alright.
Say what you will.
Say what you need to.
Cause there might not be a next time.
So tell me are you ready?
Are you ready?
To never again say what you will."

maybe you need to stop being so bigheaded and realize that this life is not about you. take this song to heart.
Burn Out Brighter by Anberlin

I wanna live inspired...
I wanna die for something
higher than myself.
Live and die for anyone else.
The more I live I see...

Now, onto a new playlist...
these are songs that explain how I feel and what you do to me...

you only make this feeling worse. u don't actually supply it. but it's basically the same thing. u don't try to help. u just pile it on top...
Adam's Song by Blink 182

"I never thought i'd die alone.
i laughed the loudest,
who'd have known?
i traced the cord back to the wall.
no wonder it was never plugged in at all.
i took my time.
i hurried up.
the choice was mine.
i didn't think enough.
i'm too depressed to go on.
u'll be sry when i'm gone..."

this "little girl" is me.
Soft Skeletons by Anberlin

"Dear little girl...
so much hurt...
for such a young age.
Trapped inside...
a pretty little lie...
your body's betrayed..."

the classic song that gives every detail of what you and the others do to me...
Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan

"To be hurt,
to feel lost,
to be left out in the dark,
to be kicked when you're down,
to feel like you've been pushed around,
to be on the edge of breaking down,
and no one's there to save you..."

i'm all the way in over my head and all you do is watch and can u do that...?
Over My Head by The Fray

"let's rearrange...
i wish u were a stranger,
i could disengage.
just say that we agree and then never change..."

that's all for now.
i'm sure i'll think of more l8r...

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