Friday, June 12, 2009

it's the last day of school...

a poem of songs

welcome to my life, ladies and germs.
adam's song rings in my ears.
and that was not meant to rhyme, but i guess it really didn't.
crashed the wedding plays in my ipod,
cheering me slightly,
but sad songs still rock me to sleep nightly. ;-) lol.
and now, i just have to say,
welcome to MY life,
the hell hole i've been locked in for thirteen years.
bcuz i kno that i can't say, ur not sorry, to those ppl,
even tho i really want to.
the rock show isn't what it--life--feels like,
but it could be eventually.
and i kno i can't have it all,
and i kno i'll never be a part of the in crowd,
tho, really, who would want to?
so i guess i'll just have to dare to be different,
slow down,
and live with being in
over my head.
and i know i'm not superman,
bcuz i can just tell myself,
find yourself in you,
not in other ppl.
and this isn't going to last forever and always.
thos there might not be a white horse with a
night in shining armor,
i will have a time for me to
and today started it all. :-)
still, life is fully of
and i will never forget that,
no matter how hard i try.
but i'll speak for myself,
and maybe, one day, someone will say,
who's that girl with 5 colours in her hair?
cuz that's wat i'll be.
that weirdo with 5 colours in her hair,
black lipstick,
and a wacky smile. :-)
but i'll always wear a smile.
and won't let anything get me down.
cuz you can't get me down.
and i'll do watever i want,
cuz i can.
and i'll never forget that in my own eyes,
i come first.
my feelings come first.
i'm number one.
and i won't let all the small things bother me,
and then delight in the good small things that
warm my heart. :-)
i won't always be stuck in the middle.
and my sister won't always be
breaking my heart.
and people won't always blame me, blame me.
yet, as great as that sounds,
right now,
i'm taking it one day at a time.
one step at a time.
welcome to my life.

Welcome To My Life:

Adam's Song:

Crashed The Wedding:

You're Not Sorry:

The Rock Show:

The In Crowd:

Daring To Be Different:

Slow Down:

Over My Head:


Find Yourself In You:

Forever and Always:

White Horse:



Speak For Myself:

5 Colors in Her Hair:

Can't Get Me Down:

Coz I Can:

Number One:

All The Small Things:

The Middle:


Blame Me Blame Me:

One Step At a Time:

i luv u all so much
have an awesome summer!

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