Monday, June 29, 2009

some random songs i thought of that i like.:-)

Falling For You by Busted

This is a great song. Luv it sooooooo much...

I just recently heard this song, and it does have the Jo-Bros in it, but it really isn't that bad...

On The Line by Demi Lovato ft Jonas Brothers

Okay. So it's a little cheesy. ;-)

So, I finally finished the first ten chapters of "Off Limits"
And I got an epiphany, so I'm nursing the idea of "Shannon Dern"
It takes a lot of tries before you get the perfect idea. I think this is it. It's kinda cool. She's a detective that works with Metro detectives, and FBI agents. And I had an idea that maybe there's a relationship between her and FBI Agent Sam Morris. So, he hurt her before the book starts and then she's not over him. And throughout the book, this is how it is:

Here We Go Again by Demi Lovato


I'm insane. But it's awesome. LOOK AT THIS!!!

Don Bellisario,
creator/producer or watever u r on NCIS,
when r we getting mcabby?
bcuz, seriously, everybody loves them. I understand you won't do "tiva" aka, Tony and Ziva cuz they're both agents,
but seriously,
McABBY!!!! :-)
And Mark Harmon,
i luv you, my silver fox.
sean murray,
season 4 til now, u r so hot!! in the first seasons, you were the dorky cute
:-) lol.
Pauley Perrette, we gonna need more black lipstick, girl. :-)

And this tiny clip right here shows you the real character development. Who everybody is. :-)

:-) "Ziva, did you kill Houdini?" "It is possible. I do not remember all their names."

luv u all.

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