Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My new hobby...

So on Twitter, there are some ppl that have assumed the roles of the characters of NCIS. They act like the characters and solve cases made up by the one called NCIS_DiNozzo. Recently, I joined as Tobias Fornell and Jennifer Shepard, despite the fact that Jenny has passed. Cuz, really, who'd want to be Vance? Right? Right.
Everyday, DiNozzo updates a blog about what has to happen that day of the investigation. Yesterday, SevNav was attacking Jenny for no information, but she was also keepiong information from the team about a bug planted on a suspect by the FBI. But the suspect was a Petty Officer. So why was NCIS kept out of the loop? That's a question I'm going to have to answer today.
If you wanna see the background to my new hobby that has made me even nerdier than before--nobody knew that was possible!--and maybe even join, then go here:


I'm gonna be doing this all day! :-)
luv u all!

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