Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Band Concert!!! Plus...It's April Fool's Day!

OMG!!!!!!! We have a band concert today!!!!!!! Plus an English Benchmark and a CH 10 Science Test. Great. I just ruined it. Anyways, I've been so busy, getting home at 4:30, finishing my hw at, like, 10:00, and then finally falling asleep at 10:30 because I text for half an hour. Then I wake up at 5:30 and take a shower, then get dressed, go on computer, and leave at 7:40. Very busy.

So, I created a plan to remember the songs of the day. I put a ton of sticky notes by my bed and then I just think about the day and write down the song, who it's by, why I chose it, and the thing that happened that made me think about that song. :-) Clever, huh?

Monday: Static by Everlife
Everything was super hectic with plans and stuff, and it felt like I wasn't understanding anyone and no one was hearing me. So, I thought this was the perfect song. Listen up.
It's super cool.

Tuesday: HELP! by The Beatles
Me and my friends all love The Beatles and I thought this was cool. I had Bible Study after school, and even our lesson made since with song. You can't do it by yourself. You need help. King Saul...King David... You know what? I talk too much. :-)
LUV THEM!!!!!!! LOL...

Today: Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down
:-) Don't hate me! This song is Gibbs' theme song, so it's put to a munch of clips from the first couple seasons. good!!!!!!!
BTW, the blonde that looks really scared at, like, 2:10. That's Paula Cassidy. I luv her. :-)
The reason I chose this song was because we have a Benchmark and a Science test and a band concert. It's going to require a lot of fighting to get through the day. :-) At least I did all my hw. I think...


Mrs. v's class--look for my April Fool's Outfit today. I'm dressed in all black with eyeliner. Very cool.
The "F" group, plus Celeste, Julie, and Ariana--we get it...I'm crazy...stop talking about it.
LILY!!!!!!! ARGH! I can't believe you. You know I hate it that Zach calls me "Katie Mazer's Sister." Thanks. A lot. :-)

With luv...

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