Thursday, April 2, 2009

So Happy!!!!!!!

Today was so fun! It was all-in-all a very good day. Granted, I did have a dentist appointment and now my teeth--or my guns, I really can't tell--really hurt... :-(

Today's song was really great for how I was feeling. Let's jump right in. :-)

I'll Be Okay by McFly
This is a very inspiring song. Seriously. It's like, every though some stuff is gonna be hard right now, everything's gonna be okay. :-)

Tomorrow's song is in the same vain. :-)

Tied Together With a Smile by Taylor Swift
This is basically my theme song. Every word of the lyrics is something has happened to me. It's sad, but a really good song.
"Hold on, baby you're losing it.
The water's high, you're jumping into it and letting go.
And no one knows...
That you cry, but you don't tell anyone.
That you might not be the golden one...."
Sry the song cuts off. That's the best version I can find. :-(

I'm chatting with some homies so I just wanted to give yall an update. Tell you more tomorrow!!!!!!!! END OF QUARTER!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!


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