Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!!!!

I have to go visit my grandfather at his house this year because he got eye surgery and he can't drive. :-( Anyway...
Yesterday I went to the mall and spent every penny I had... Well, I actually have 76 cents left, but I don't count that. So, at the end, I walk into Borders--the best store at the mall--and just look around. I'd already bought two books at the beginning cuz that's always the first store I go into. I walk around the Sci-Fi section, the Manga section, stop for a second, look for "Rocking Heaven", walk out of the aisle, disappointed, start looking for the "39" clues books, go to the Fiction and Fantasy section and find the next book in a series that I'm reading--was very happy, BTW--pick it off the shelf, keep it under my arm, and keep walking around until I reach the romance section.
I found an author recently who I thought was AWESOME!!!!!! Julie James has only written two novels, and her first was the one I bought two weeks ago, and then I found her second which came out last month! Her first book was called, "Just the Sexiest Man Alive." It was about this lawyer who has to train People's "Sexiest Man Alive" for his new movie. In the end, he realizes--the actor, Jason Andrews--that he is madly in love with the lawyer--Taylor Donovan. Taylor makes partner at her firm, but then learns that she has to move back to Chicago instead of staying with Jason. She is sure she loves Jason, but doesn't know how to tell him. Blah, blah, blah, they end up happily ever after. Sort of. I sincerely reccommend it. So I finished her second book today. Practice Makes Perfect. This one is a little...racy... Payton Kendall is a lawyer who has some major issues with her co-worker, J.D. Jameson. He's gorgeous, witty, and has the same track record as her. But she wants to be the best. His family has money, her mom never married her father. His mom wears fur coats and eats at expensive resteraunts, her mom is a vegetarian feminist. But, when they're put on the same project, things start heating up. Their feud has been going on for eight years, and just now, they're starting to come to grips with the fact that they may be starting to...tolerate each say the least... That's before their boss tells them only one of them will be making partner. The other is booted from the company. Chaos. :-)

Today's Song is so great... :-) It's kind of like, OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I can't believe this. I...I've fallen in love with the ultimately unattainable person and they don't know I exist. This is kind of for the books. But...also for a friend of mine. And me. ;-)

It's called "Accidentally In Love" by Counting Crows
If you saw Shrek, you've heard the song. :-) Check it out. I luv it.

So, I had another nightmare. Fun, right? This one was majorly cool, though. Major. :-) I haven't finished writing it down yet, but it's looked in my brain, so it's all good. I realized something about all my nightmares, though. In every one, I can't see the face of the person or animal hunting me. And I'm always being chased. And I'm always trapped. Only in one of my nightmares was I able to see the face. And it was creepy!!!!! Then, in another one, I was the person trying to hurt me... If that makes sense. It was like I was staring in a mirror but the person in the mirror wasn't me... It was weird.
And, in one, I was! Shudder... But then it changed into a full-on black leather outfit and I instantly enjoyed the dream. Or, the beginning anyway.
I'm sitting here, typing, listening to last Monday's song, Adam's Song, and I'm learning that some people need a life. Like, me, for example. I spend all say in my room, reading, writing, and listening to music... And I've learned from a couple of people that this is how I seem: crazy. weird. strange. go my own way. never listen. off the charts. ignorant. I resent those comments. I think this is how people SHOULD see me, because this is who I am--

Crazy: Damn straight. That's who I am.
Weird: That's my personality. You didn't notice?
Strange: Just because I don't chase guys and wear "Hellister" and "Aberzombie" apparently means there's something wrong with my brain.
Go My Own Way: Because I should. I shouldn't be controlled my the freaks who think they control the school and everyone in it. As much as the school teachers and staff think it isn't true, THERE ARE CLIQUES!!!!!!!!

Never Listen: That is completely untrue. I listen. I respond. I speak. What do you think I'm doing now?!
Off The Charts: So...I act weird and crazy and silly. Didn't we cover this? THAT'S ME!!! AND I'M DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!
Ignorant: Okay. There's this song by McFly called "Ignorance." I am not ignorant. I'm not lacking in common sense and knowledge. Granted, I don't know everything, but, who does?!

Now, here's one of my own, and the reason I'm even making this list...

Don't Care What Anybody Thinks: There you have it. I am IMMUNE to insults. Go ahead. Try. I don't care if I'm not the smartest. I'm still smart. I don't care is I'm not pretty. I don't care if I'm too tall. I don't care. That's the main thing. :-)

So, because of this, I found a song by Raven Symone, called "Do You Own Thing." I absolutely love it. :-)

LUV U ALL! Don't forget to comment and... LIM!!!
BTW, that means Live In the Moment... Remember, I'm weird. ;-)


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