Thursday, March 19, 2009


OMG, you guys! I'm so sorry! I was so distracted all week! OH! I feel so guilty! Not really. I mean...I couldn't really care less.... LOL!
Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift. I got her first CD with a ton of songs that I'd never heard before! Incredible! And, of course, I love them all. So...without further ado--if that is how you spell it--let's talk about the week's songs and then the week.
BTW, I know I have 2 Taylor Swift songs this week, but, who cares? Sue me. I like her. Deal with it.

Monday: You're Not Sorry by Taylor Swift
The thing that I love so much about this song is the music. The piano in the beginning along with the violin is so beautiful! Then the guitar and the drums come in at the chorus and it such a sad, sweet ballad that totally works! It doesn't have to be for a guy, either.

Tuesday: Listen to Your Heart by DHT
All I can say is that this is some of the best advice I've ever received. Listen to your heart and you will never go wrong. If your heart says that something is wrong, listen. Totally and utterly right? Go for it. Confused? Yeah, join the club.

Wednesday: Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
DUDE!!!!!!!! OH!!!!! We did this in 4th grade for show choir. But, whatever, it's the bestest Queen song EVER! Um...teachers or any adults who read this...maybe you shouldn't listen to the second verse. Yeah.

Thursday: A Place in This World by Taylor Swift
Taylor wrote this song when she was thirteen because she didn't know where she was gonna go with her career. But this song totally fits me. I absolutely love it. Plus, I only heard it yesterday and I already memorized it. Oh, yeah. This is her explaining her song and her singing it while she plays the guitar.

Friday/Tomorrow: So Small by Carrie Underwood
I admit, I love country. It's soulful and beautiful and Carrie is awesome at it. This song is not as depressing as "Just As Dream" but the video is so...sad?'s an frickin' cool song, man!!!!

Real quick note:
I'm really lame and there has been this song on Disney Channel called "Hoedown Throwdown" by Miley Cyrus. See, I really don't like her...but I like her songs. That's horrible, huh? Weird...
But, my friend, Susana, was doing the Hoedown dance on Tuesday, so I ended up memorized and tortured Lily. It was great. If you wanna check out the dance that I know, go here:
OR, to learn the dance:
At the last website, check out some more of hollywoodrecord's video, because, honestly, they rock. :-)

I think I ran out of things to say. Wow, when does that happen?
Sorry to disappoint you.

Today, my dad thought it would be cool to give me a physics lesson while my sister and I were on our way to school listening to KIIS. So he starts saying E=MC squared...E and M are says that depending on the acceleration, the mass grows with speed. It was highly irritating to hear about engery equal mass times the spped of light in a vaccum squared while my sis and I were singing. "MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU!!!!!" Yep, we were listening to KIIS. Deal with it.

What else can I talk about?
We had an awesome math "twiz" in Mrs. Lee's class.
Mr. Wood: "Chillax, it's a twiz."
Translation: Chill and relax. It's a combination of a test and quiz.
So I finished third but I messed up on 2 formulas! UGH! I just read for the rest of the time though. That made me feel better.
Speaking of reading....
Lily has been promising since Monday to bring me Mediators 4, 5, and 6, and today she finally did. I almost kissed her with how much happiness was radiating from me. It--was--awesome!

ER, Gray's Anatomy--that's right, Kevin, I watch the Anatomy of Hell. Deal with it--and Private Practice are on tonight! YIKES! Claudia and Morris may never end up together, they may never have a ton of latino kids with red-hair and freckles running around. Sob. DEREK QUIT! Last week, I was screaming at the TV when he was about to hit the ring with the baseball bat: "DON'T DO IT DEREK! DON'T YOU DARE HIT THAT RING AWAY! SHE'S SAD FOR YOU! SHE WANTS TO HELP YOU GET BETTER! DON'T DO IT DEREK!"
That was me. Seriously.
Then, I actually didn't get to watch Private Practice last week. Poo.
Oh well.

Should I do shout-outs today? Should I give you guys something to keep coming back for, or should I keep you in suspense for next week? Ehh...
My dad just walked in the door, so i go say hi... :-)

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