Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I feel so sick! I'm all stuffy and icky and weird and...UGH!!!!!!!! Today's song--I already told you--is so frickin' awesome! EEE!!! Now I'm happy again. All sickness is gone. YAY!!!!
I was trying to come up with tomorrow's song and I realized, as soon as I post this song, there is no explanation necessary. Make your own conclusions and I promise you, you are going to be wrong. Nothing you guess about why I picked this song. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this song before, but, it's good, so deal with it.
But, because I want you all to have time to draw conclusions, I'm gonna post it at the end so that you can think about it, like, all day.
In band, Nicole Lum, Sarah Beckon, Lily Tabuchi, and I created this jingle to remind people to come and return their band uniforms. Because jingle bells is so totally overused, we used "Jingle Bell Rock"! OH YEAH!

It goes like this:
"Come on, band, come on, band, we'll march across town.
But, so sad, it's the end.
We'll hang up our coats and we'll zip up our bags,
And we'll see you soon again.

It's a bright time, it's the right time, to hang up our bags.
Marching shoes and epelets,
To go riding in a garment bag.

Come on, band, come on, band, we know goodbyes are hard,
But, we'll just have to wait.
We'll mix and we'll mingle right until the bell rings.
That's our own farewell. That's our own farewell.
That's our very goodbye!"

It sounds so much cooler in person!! :-)

I finished studying for a retake of math and now I ahve tog ot o bed so I can wake up early to actually retake the test. Yet, I still have to tell you tomorrow's song. Darn.

Tomorrow/Wednesday-- Welcome to my Life by Simple Plan

Thursday--Never Underestimate a Girl by Vanessa Hudgens
Now, I really don't like her, but this song is so dang true. I'm sorry. Plus, it's put to scenes from NCIS. :-) I LUV THAT!!!!!!!

Alyssa :-)

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