Monday, March 9, 2009


Gosh, it's amazing I find time to do this! I finished my Huntington's Disease project and my dad got the computer working. YAY!! It's a good day! Plus, I only logged onto Gmail for one second because I had joined this NCIS wiki and I wanted to check my messages, and Abby's status message was "how many have Huntington's" or something like that, so I told her and now I saved her. :-) It's a good day.

I am so tired that I just wanna write really fast and then go crash before I have to wake up early. Stupid day-light-savings.

Friday-- The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
OMG! Because I'm a little nuts, I found this video put to photos and scenes of McGee, from NCIS. All I can say is, it sucks that he's married. Well, technically, his character isn't... But you get the picture. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!! So this is his theme song and Friday I was feeling McGeekish. :-) Enjoy.

Saturday-- The Saga Begins by Weird Al
Because I was feeling completely weird and "Alyssaie" Saturday's song was by Weird Al. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's all about Star Wars. :-) Oh, yeah.

Today/Monday-- Dirty Little Secret by All-American Rejects
All I have to say is that I love this band. They are so imaginitive and fun and I just love them all. Now, because I'm Alyssa, I want everyone who has a Gmail or whatever and can comment, please, give us a dirty little secret. Share something with us.... Use a fake name is you want! I DON'T CARE! Just give us something interesting. Or not so interesting. Maybe you are completely and utterly obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. Granted I may never speak to you again, that is a perfectly good thing to put. I'll put mine at the bottom. :-)

Tomorrow/Tuesday-- Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson
As all of you very well know, I love Kelly. She is just plain awesome. 'Nuff said. Enjoy! It's a great song! :-)

I'm going nuts! My stories are all going along so well, that I can't even believe it. Because of Nicole's request, I am going to post an excerpt from "Project Alex." By the way, that's a story about an FBI agent who is used for tests by the Secret Service. :-) Fun.

"My heart thumped wildly in my chest as my killer approached me. His eyes were cold, showing no signs of mercy. I was never going to escape. A chill washed over me and I shivered out of both fear and fright. It was finally the end. After running and running and fighting, it was finally my time to die. Yet something was tugging my heart in two. Sarah.
I glanced to my left, away from the hard eyes of the man into warm brown eyes of my sister. A shock ran through me. I was already dead? How? That was so fast... Sarah looked exactly the same as she had when I'd last seen her. Except, happier. Her eyes were glowing and her kin looked radiant. A smile was plastered across her face, showing off her perfectly white teeth. She was always better than me.
"Are you ready to die, Alexandria?" his voice bit into my fantasy and Sarah shimmered away.
"I was ready a long time ago."
His voice was unimaginably real. It felt like it was echoing onto my skin and biting into fantasy, making my dreams nightmares, making every breath harder to take.
Then, a new voice interuppted me. A deeper, kinder voice. Still male, but endearingly so. Just from the tone of his voice you could tell he was welcoming and kind, not fierce. This voice pulled me away from the man. It pulled me away from my death. But not quickly enough.
A sharp pain hit my abdomen and I looked down. A knife was shoved up to the handle in my gut. I wanted to scream. I wanted to kick and fight and yell at my killer, swearing that I'd be avenged. But, I saw Sarah's face again. And my dad's. And then, finally, Sam's.
"Do you always scream in your sleep?" he asked, touching my forehead.
I sat up straight and looked around at the squad room. It was all a dream. I was alive."

Okay, before I go--I'm not doing Shout Outs today--I'm gonna give you my DLS--that's Dirty Little Secret, by the way.
I once pulled a Thom E. Gemcity.
For a book I'm writing--The Woman's Code--I based characters on my friends. Stella Carmichael is me, Jessica Wei is Simone, Patty Simons is Abby....yadda yadda yadda, you get the pic. But, pulling a Thom E. Gemcity is something I felt I had to do. See, when you rearrange the letters of Thom E. Gemcity, you get "Timothy McGee" and that was Tim's nom de plume! And that's what he did! In"Cover Story" and "Twisted Sister" and so much more! UGH! It was a nessesity! GOSH! DON'T BLAME ME! I'M WEAK!!!! WAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LUV U ALL!!!!!

Alyssa :-)
Also known as, PsychPsycho432, WhoseLinePro, ThirteenFan13, McGee4ever, McAbby530, RemyForeEver, ShawnAndJuliet, LocoChick123, and RyanStilesIsIncredible. :-)

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