Thursday, March 12, 2009

Utterly Sad

Tomorrow is a very sad day for everyone at foothills. All students must wear pink. No exceptions. I will be very disappointed if u don't. Very sad. Teachers, because of stupid Arnold--"I'll be back"--are getting laid off. The budget cuts are retarded. WAHHH! So, I'm gonna wear an awesome pink shirt, jeans, pink hair bands to wear pigtails in, and I'm gonna try and find earrings. But I also have a bracelet that says, "Support The Pink-Slip Teachers." Sad face.
I can't think of anything except that. Sad, huh?
It is.
There is no song like this one for tomorrow.

Friday-- I Will Remember You by Sarah McLaughlin
I just heard it today, but it totally fits.
I think I spelled the name wrong. You know what? WHO CARES????????

BTW, ER is on 2nite! YES! That cool nurse comes back and John gets a kidney... Oh, I'm ecstatic. :-)

Now, I'm about to fall asleep so I'm gonna smile one more time, wish everyone on AI good luck, smile to the heavens for Meredith and Derek and Claudia and Morris and John and his kidney and Tony and Sam.
Finally...a moment of silence for the great teachers we will miss next year. I hope and pray that they will find something new and exciting. :-)


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