Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weightless by ATL and more...

By now, I assume you guys have already heard the awesome song, "Weightless" by All Time Low, but just in case you haven't, here is the song plus the video.

I originally saw the vid cuz Mark Hoppus posted it on his twitter page, bcuz he and his twitter screen name were in the vid. @markhoppus i luv u...follow me... :-) (EmilyZeray)
My sister was actually playing the song a couple days ago and that's where I first heard it. And right then, I loved it. So, check it out. :-)

yesterday was not such a good day for me. wasn't feeling so hot, emotionally or physically. woke up this morning at 5:30, thinking i was gonna hurl. ya. not fun. :-(
but, the whole emotional thing really made my day uncool yesterday. here's the short version of what i was thinking put into terms that i can use on this blog...

"I never thought I'd die alone. Another six months I'll be unknown." (Adam's Song-Blink 182)
"I'm too depressed to go on, you'll be sorry when I'm gone." (Adam's Song-Blink 182)
"The things that you say, you may think I never hear about them. But word travels fast. I'm telling you to your face... I'm standing here behind your back." (Outside Looking In-Jordan Pruitt)
"So much hurt for such a young age." (Soft Skeletons-Anberlin)
"I'm so sick of watching all the minutes pass as I go nowhere." (Weightless-ATL)
"You might think I'm happy but I'm not gonna be okay." (Welcome To My Life-Simple Plan)
"The old me dead and gone away." (i cannot even say the title of the song...too painful...)

Admittedly, the last line is from a song that I do not really like...from it does say what I want it to, so it works.
I spent a long time writing a 30 page text--I didn't have paper--about what these lines meant, how I related them to life...and so on. And I realized, just doing that, made me feel a lot better. It was really weird.


luv ya all,

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