Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Demi's new CD!

I haven't bought it yet, but i got some songs off YouTube. check it out!!! they are so good!!!

Remember December

Here We Go Again
I know i've posted it b4, but it's on the CD and it's awesome!
lol. ;-)


So Far So Great

Catch Me


You Got Nothin' On Me

Falling Over Me

Every Time You Lie

Got Dynamite

Stop The World

World Of Chances

Everything You're Not

Gift of a Friend

it's a really great CD.
she reminds we a lot of Kelly Clarkson cuz it seems like they both can sing without screaming, but if someone sings their songs, they have to scream. it's weird.


today's song, btw, is Remember December at the top. :-)
luv u all.


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