Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Skye Sweetnam

this song is incredible. it's inspiring(sorta) and i luv what it says.
"don't try to label me hypocrite, cuz i will do what i want to.
some will say that i'm counterfeit, but i will be what i want to.
some will look at me and vomit but i will look how i want to.
some will hear me and not get it, but i will say what i want to."

Note To Self
(sry, i assume this was taken from a movie so there is some talking in the middle. i couldn't find a version that didn't have the talking.)
I really like this song, cuz i'm kinda a writer and the beginning is cool for me. :-)

Shot To Pieces

'nuff said.

Just The Way I Am
this song is sorta today's song i guess.

"i strange and i like it--that's just the way i am."

so i saw the Harry Potter midnight premiere last night and it was AWESOME!!!
unfortunately, the Harry/Ginny that occurs in the book, definitely was not the kiss in the movie. it was highly disappointing. but, as i promised my friends, i dressed as a Death Eater, and when Ron first appeared--swoon--i yelled as loud as i could. ;-)

the really sad thing was the "New Moon" was one of the commercials b4 the movie. that got more cheers than the actually movie. :-( HARRY POTTER IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i luved the whole cast of the movie. luna was amazing as always. and the guy that played Cormac McLaggen--Gosh, that's a hard name to say--was HOT! but Ron was way better. and Ginny was beautiful, of course. Hermione was...well...Hermione. but all in all, it was the best HP movie yet.

i need to catch up on sleep.
luv ya all!

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