Friday, July 10, 2009

funny for the sake of being funny=WLIIA

Whose Line Is It Anyway is the funniest show in the world! THE BEST GAME on the show is "Scenes From a Hat." And THE BEST ONE is this one...

"ooh...i hope i get back..."
And this one with Josie Lawrence made me lol.
She is hilarious!
And the words are bleeped for a reason. Believe me.

"Bad things to say when she says, 'I love you,'" "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"
I thought i was going to die...:-)
You gotta luv this show, ppl.

Reasons y u should luv WLIIA...
1) It has Ryan Stiles--tall, funny, and sooooo cute. :-)
2) It has Colin Mochrie--bald, funny, Canadian, and stupid.
3) It has Drew Carey--has another show, able to be made fun of without taking offense, and damn funny.
4) It has improvised humor--the best kind of humor EVER cuz u never know what's gonna happen.
5) It has hoedowns...and if u don't know what those are...

The Backstreet Boys Hoedown

The running joke in that episode was Colin's shirt--how loud it was, how crazy it was--and this was funny. :-)

The Colin Hoedown

This was from the British version of the show. :-)
But it was the funniest hoedown I really ever encountered. :-)
Greg Proops, the first guy, is singing about a running joke with Colin. When Colin doesn't know what to do he just yells. :-)

The You're Ugly Hoedown

:-) :-) these ppl cannot clap. :-)

okay, it's gettin' late.
luv ya all!

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