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Love Beats Invunerability, a PJO FanFic

So...well, you know what? Just read the Author's Note, and you'll get it. This is a challenge I received so I figured I would try it out. I hope you enjoy.
It is a rough draft, so grammar/spelling may be icky... Sorry

Author's Note:

Okay, hey everyone. This is my first Percabeth/PJO FanFic because I’ve personally always believed it was Rick Riordan’s story and people shouldn’t butcher it…but, hey, I’ve read some good ones that have changed my mind, so I’m gonna write one of my own.

This is set after TLO (The Last Olympian) and it is a series of one shots. First, Percy and Annabeth are comfortably adjusting to their new status as bf/gf, and they find it to be easier than they thought, but things go from good to frustrating quickly when they’re first separated over the school year and then they’re off to NYU and decided to give living together a try. (I PROMISE to add Greek Myth and adventure stuff so it won't get boring for boys who choose to read it, I just felt that Percabeth's story was NOT finished.)

A bit about the characters: I felt Annabeth was portrayed as too…well, harsh in the movie, so the characters will be like they are in the books, but I liked Percy’s open, by-the-lake cabin in the movie, so that’s in there. The characters remain Rick Riordan’s—forever and ever and ever and ever…

I hope you enjoy. Don’t be hating, but I love constructive criticism, especially because this is my first one.

Love Beats Invulnerability

By the Gods, she was beautiful. Her grey eyes were speckled with black, giving her eyes that smoky look I adored, and her lips were full and red—she had been biting her lower lip too much. I smiled at her but she just kept talking, babbling on about her plans for Olympus, all about how she was planning on fashioning the Gods’ chambers, thrones, and she was so excited to begin that she already had her sketch book in her hands. She had been drawing by the lake near my cabin when I found her.

The school year would not be fun without Annabeth by my side, but we’d have to work through it. She would be in a boarding school, meaning she would have roommates, which didn’t appeal much to me, but there were such things as phones, and if we wanted to talk we could.

Her lips moved a hundred miles an hour, discussing the throne for Zeus that she felt was far too overdone and I smirked, leaning in close.

“Hey, Wise Girl,” I whispered.

She froze, midsentence. “Yeah?”

“You talk too much.”


“Perseus Jackson?”

I looked up from the photo tucked inside the book I was pretending to read. My dyslexia didn’t make it that hard to pretend. “Yeah?”

The teacher glared. “Pay attention, young man.”

I sat up straight and fought the urge to roll my eyes. Annabeth would’ve made some comment about my seaweed filled brain at this point. That made a sting go off in my chest. I missed her.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

Homeroom was over soon, and then I was off to English, my least favorite subject. I would spend the hour staring off into space, pretending to care while students who knew how to read correctly breezed through the class. Lunch would pass uneventfully, leaving me with a table to myself, just like always. Unless something had drastically changed since last year—in my social life, not the whole me-saving-Olympus-and-the-world-in-one-afternoon-and-getting-the-greatest-girlfriend-ever thing.

When the bell to freedom rang at 3:15, I scooped up my notebook and book and high tailed it to my locker. I walked home and opened the door to the scent of chocolate chip cookies—blue, of course.


I dropped my backpack. “Hey, mom. Where’s Paul?”

“Work. In fact,” she appeared in the hallway, smiling, “I was just off to work, myself. Have to fill in.” She kissed my cheek and mumbled something about not sneaking off with Annabeth or to save the world and I rolled my eyes. “Bye, Percy—love you.”

“Love ya, Mom.”

As soon as she was gone I pulled out my newly purchased cell phone—I figured since I had pretty much beaten every monster and was invulnerable I could finally have one—and dialed the familiar number.


“Hey, Wise Girl—when am I picking you up?”

“Why do you assume I wanna hang out with you, Seaweed Brain?”

I cocked my head, smiling. “I have blue chocolate chip cookies.”

“I’ll be standing in the lobby—you have ten minutes.”


We hadn’t kissed since last week when she said goodbye and went off to the boarding school that was determined to put an ultimate STOP to any visitations from boys. When I showed up in the lobby of Annabeth’s dorm—which was more of common room with a huge flat screen TV, food stations, etc, etc—I was given the evil eye by a security guard who was leaving.

I nodded at the guy and he scowled.

Mentally shrugging, I looked around for the blonde curls I had missed so much. When I spotted her, I had to bite the inside of my cheek—she was surrounded by three girls who were trying to fix her hair, her makeup, pretty much everything.

Her eyes widened when she saw me and she swatted away the girls around her.

“Seaweed Brain!” She ran up to me and threw her arms around my neck. “Mmm…I smell cookies.”

I kissed her forehead. “Hey, lean back—lemme see you.”

She looked up at me and I bit the inside of my cheek again.

She frowned. “That’s not nice, Percy.”

“You have all this…powder all over you. How do you breathe? And it looks unnatural.”

“Holy crap—this is Percy?”

The three girls were now surrounding me and Annabeth, staring up at my 5’11” figure, mouths dropped, eyes wide. I stepped back from my girlfriend and smiled at each of them.

“Annabeth—he’s…he’s hot!”

“Okay, that’s enough.” Annabeth kissed me possessively and twisted my unruly black hair into her fingers. “What do you think, Seaweed Brain—wanna go to the beach?”

She didn’t have to ask twice.


This was my home.

The sand in my toes, the sun beating down, gluing the salty water onto my skin, fusing the scent of…everything into my brain. I closed my eyes, leaned back in the sand and thought, Now this cannot get any better.

And then she kissed me.

I opened my eyes and said, “What was that for?”

She blushed. “Oh—no reason.”

“You are so bad at lying.”

She gave me her Annabeth glare and pushed on my shoulders, silently willing me to sit up, when I did, she fixed her position so she was next to me, her head leaning on my shoulder, our eyes fixed on the water.

“Ouch!” I hollered.

She giggled. “That’s for calling me a bad liar.”

I reached back to rub the small of my back, wincing silently. “Yikes, Annabeth, be careful.”

She apologized with a kiss to my cheek and then stood, walking cautiously towards the water. I saw her whole body tense and I frowned. Of course, my girlfriend had to hate swimming. Just my luck. Then again, that meant she’d be holding onto me for dear life if we went in together. The thought made me grin. Oh, this was going to be fun.

She squirmed nervously and I stood, smiling at her retreating figure until she froze.

“You won’t drown—I promise.”

From her lips came an uneasy laugh that basically said, “Yeah, right.”

“You don’t even have to get wet.”

“Seaweed Brain, you’re kind of impossible. You know that?” But she smiled up at me to let me know she was teasing. Her fingers interlaced with mine and led her slowly towards the water that was lapping at the sand. “Don’t we need swimsuits?”

I glanced down at my outfit—jeans and a plain blue T-shirt—and then at hers—jean shorts and a black tank-top—before shrugging. “I’m going in like this.” And with that I ran into the water, allowing myself to get wet, allowing my lungs to ache when I held my breath for too long under the water. When I surfaced, Annabeth was still on the sand, her arms crossed, her eyes narrow, as if she was thinking too hard. “Hey, Wise Girl—you come in and I’ll kiss you.”

Her eyes widened and I noticed her cheeks go red with blush. “Why would I kiss you though?”

“To make up for hitting my vulnerable spot.”

She rolled her eyes, but hesitantly stepped into the water. She stopped when she was to her waist, her jeans soaked to her skin. “I’m not moving anymore.”

“I bet I could make you,” I teased. “After all, I gave you cookies; I rescued you from a swarm of crazy girls who were trying to rearrange your face…” I smirked. “Besides, I’m only up to my chest—take like five more steps. Or are you chicken, Wise Girl?”

“That’s so juvenile!”

I made bawking noises until she forgot about the water and her fear and started storming towards me like she was about to hit me—then I remembered… “Oh, by the way, there’s a dip in the sand…” But she had already walked into it, falling unaware under the water. When she appeared again, spitting and pouting, her blonde hair stuck to her face, I had to try very hard to keep from laughing.

“Shut up,” she said, brushing her wet locks out of the way of her eyes.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and said, “You’re still very pretty.”

“Can you dry me off?”

As if considering it, I cocked my head, looking down at her. “Hmmm…yes. But later. First—we swim.” And I dunked her under the water.


I loved writing it and I consider it a privilege to get to write anything related to PJO characters. However, I do not own any of the characters, no matter how much I wish I did... sigh...
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This will be about a 5-7 chapter fanfic, and the 2nd is in the works. It will be posted before next Monday, I promise.

Love forever,

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