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Chapter 11/Epilogue

a series of one-shots and drabbles for Percabeth.

Chapter 11/Epilogue: Drabbles and One Shots of Percabeth! TOLD IN 3RD PERSON!!

(A/N: This is told in no particular order. Check A/Ns before each shot for a date like a “before this” or “after this” kind of thing. I will be writing some that come before TLO. All will be in 3rd person unless otherwise stated in the A/Ns.)



A Splash of Her—

He walked into their bedroom, looking around at the blue walls. They had argued for hours about what color to paint the walls of their bedroom—green or blue. Annabeth had wanted green to match Percy’s beautiful eyes, but Percy, always stubborn, wanted blue. It had been atrocious going shopping with him. His ADHD would act up when he was bored, and Annabeth knew shopping for him was boring.

It brought a smile to his lips, knowing that he had won the argument. Then there had been the actual painting of the room. Unbeknownst to him, Annabeth had bought a can of green paint. And when the walls were finally covered in the blue paint, she had brought out the green and rebelliously splashed a bit onto the ceiling and walls. The splashes were still there, little drops and slashes of green in the sea of blueness. It was like a little splash of her to remind him just how lucky he was.




Percy was silent as he walked into the apartment. He knew Annabeth was probably sleeping. Her job was exhausting and he didn’t want to suffer through waking her up.

“Percy?” she called, her voice shaky and slightly higher pitched than usual. “I have a…surprise.”

He scrunched his eyebrows together, confused, and walked towards her voice, into their bedroom and then into the adjoining bathroom. She was leaning against the counter, staring focused on a…pregnancy test.


She showed him the little plastic thing. Her eyes were wet with unshed tears. Her lips broke into a grin. “I’m pregnant.”




Percy Jackson didn’t cry easily.

One thing he would not do right now was cry. Staring at her, her chest slowly and shakily rising and falling… She was unconsciousness and nearly dead. He had been told a million times that he had saved her life, that his heroic actions had helped her live. But if he had hailed a taxi three seconds earlier, if he hadn’t stalled in his actions, the car would’ve gone onto the sidewalk and went straight into the jewelry shop, instead of going onto the sidewalk and hitting him and his love. The car crash had left him with not even a scratch. If he had just stood in front of her, if he had just pulled her around the corner three seconds earlier, she wouldn’t be lying in a hospital bed in a coma, basically already dead.

A tear fell onto Percy Jackson’s cheek. He thought about why they had been in that jewelry shop and glanced at the new, pretty diamond ring on Annabeth’s finger, right under her wedding ring. It was their 10th year together in marriage. Their son was at home, playing with the babysitter, oblivious to the fact that his mother was dying.

Another tear. And then another. And another. And soon Percy Jackson was bawling, head in his hands, not being able to bear to look at her scarred face any longer.

If you let her survive, he said silently to Apollo, I’ll do anything. Anything. Please don’t let her die. Please don’t let her die.

The tears fell steadily.



That Kiss— (A/N: The Mt. St. Helens kiss with more detail. From Percy’s POV.)

Her lips were soft, warm, and I felt like an idiot as she leaned in, planting that delicious kiss on my lips. I wanted to do…something. To maybe kiss her back, but she moved so fast that I wasn’t ready to even realize she was pressing her lips against mine. When it was over I sat there, trying to remember my own name. I had been kidding myself for years. I wasn’t falling for her. I had already fallen. Hard. And I didn’t think I had any hope of getting back up again.



Permanent— (A/N: Percy’s POV)

Annabeth had said she wanted to build something permanent. Maybe she was talking about a building, maybe she was talking about…us. I sure hoped she was, because I felt like we were well on our way there. I was thinking about her words when I picked out a wedding ring, and I repeated those words to her before we said, “I do.” Those words were spoken when our son—a boy with dark hair and grey eyes—was born.

We had always been permanent, whether or not we knew it.



Her Hero—

She screamed. She froze her body in lock down. Pure fear enveloped her. She needed the hero that had always been there, and she heard his running footsteps with her scream.

“Annabeth? What’s wrong?”

She pointed the eight legged creature climbing around in the bathtub. “It’s—it’s—”

Percy smiled, kissed Annabeth’s forehead and walked into the bathroom, gently scooping the spider into his hands. He walked out of the bathroom and Annabeth heard the window opening and closing.

“You let it live?!”

He appeared back in the bathroom and pulled her against him. “Shh, relax, Annabeth.”

“You let it live, Percy!”

“It wasn’t going to hurt you.”

She pouted, burying her face in his chest. “You don’t know that,” she mumbled defensively.

“You’re cute when you’re frightened.”

Smiling against his shirt, she kept quiet, enjoying the hug for a moment. Percy always calmed her fears. He was always there for her. He was always her hero.



Stained Blue— (A/N: Before TBotL, directly after TTC with a bit of poetic license in terms of time.)

Blue was his favorite color. Green was beginning to become hers. It was the color of his eyes, and his eyes were absolutely beautiful. But she saw his attraction to blue. It was soft and pretty, and came in many attractive shades. It was the color of the water he was born with in his blood, and it was the color he and his mother bonded over. It was a wonderful color, but it wasn’t the beautiful sea-green of his eyes.

She found herself staring at those eyes and then she noticed Percy’s lips move, but she didn’t hear anything. She shook herself.


He smirked. “Everybody’s gone,” he said, gesturing to the empty dining hall at Camp Half-Blood. After dinner she had walked over to his table and sat down, something that wasn’t normally allowed, but Chiron had a certain…feeling. He saw the blush of Annabeth’s cheeks when Percy was mentioned, he saw the slow distance that had been growing between Grover and Percy whenever Annabeth was around him, and he knew—before either of them did—what was happening.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I should probably go to bed. Have to go back to life tomorrow.”

He was referring to the end of summer, the end of care-free life, the end of camp fires, sword fights, training, swimming in the lake, capture the flag games… And even though he didn’t know it, that school year he was going to miss one certain girl. That girl had wonderfully tan skin, pretty blonde hair, smoky grey eyes, and a personality that kept Percy on his toes, both in annoyance and wonder.

“Yeah. Me too.”

But they just sat there.

Annabeth considered blue for a moment longer. Blue…wasn’t green.

Percy reached for her and her heart froze. His fingers brushed back the piece of grey/white hair that had fallen in front of her eyes and she looked up at his matching streak of hair; both of them had been trophies from holding up Atlas’ burden.

“Oh,” he said, noticing her hesitation and surprise when he tucked the hair behind her ear. “Sorry.”

She couldn’t speak. But she realized that her heart had been stained just like her hair. Her heart was stained blue.

Stained Blue is my favorite, I think. Or maybe Her Hero. I'm not sure.
lemme know your favs!

love forever and ever,

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