Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Uber Fast...

Sry! I've been uber busy so i have to do this uber fast!

Monday, 5/11: Do Ya by McFly
This video is so confusing!!!! Makes no sense...

But I love the song

Tuesday, 5/12: The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
The music video is a little racy so I found this. LUV THIS BAND!!

Wednesday, 5/13: Dead and Gone by TI and Justin Timberlake
I don't particularly enjoy rap. In fact, it annoys the fudge out of me, but...check it out.

Thursday, 5/14: I Do Not Hook Up by Kelly Clarkson
This is one of her new songs. I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. :-)

The music vid is AWESOME, but the embedding was disabled.

Friday, 5/15: Slow Down by Aly and AJ

This song is so cool! I just listen to it and I feel dancing. I was lip-synching at school and my friends were like... "uhhh...okay..." That's how awesome this song is!!

Saturday, 5/16: The Outside by Taylor Swift
I think everyone feels like this once in their life. Nothing is going their way. They don't a single person to talk to and they just feel like they're on the outside of everyone.

There is no other video, so, just check it out. It's really good.
Now on to this week!!! :-)

Monday: Breaking by Anberlin
I just recently heard of this band. It's so great! I love them. You guys should totally keep up with them!!! :-)

Tuesday: I Am One of Them by Aly and AJ
I'm not entirely sure, but I think think this song is about car crashes...check out the lyrics. This song is a lot of fun to just sit and listen to. I love songs like that. Where you can just sit and listen and understand the words and it never gets old. :-)

Wednesday: First Date by Blink 182
The music video is awesome, but a little racy at the beginning. Check out the lyrics. :-) BLINK 4EVER!!!!

:-) The NCIS season finale was yesterday, and I realized that they always target women on that show, so I'm gonna post a couple vids of NCIS and you tell me what you think. I'm gonna rate them out of five *s on funniness and such. :-)

1) Kate/Gibbs - 1x12 My Other Left Foot - Gibbs is flirting

Gibbs is sooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!! I love his hair... The whole gray haired fox thing... :-)
**** bcuz it's hilarious to watch Gibbs flirt...

2) Abby: Lovely Forensic Goth-Girl

She is the strongest woman ever.
***** bcuz abby is goth, awesome, and sooooooo cool...

3) NCIS- Remembering Kate

It was so sad when Kate died. This helps me remember her.
***** bcuz Kate didn't deserve to die.

4) Gibbs' Rules

This was posted b4 some more rules showed up. But I've been keeping track. Here's my list...
**** bcuz i follow each and every one except number nine. i don't own a knife.

All of these rules were created either by me or on the NCIS wiki page. Some are unofficial, and some are stated as rules on the show. :-)

Gibbs’ Rules....

1)Never let suspects stay together.

1)Never screw over your partner.

2)Always wear gloves at a crime scene.

3)Don’t believe what you’re told. Double check.

3)Never be unreachable.

4)The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself. Second best? Tell one other person—if you must. There is no third best.



7)Always be specific when you lie.

8)Never take anything for granted.

9)Never go anywhere without a knife.


11) When the job is done, walk away.

12)Never date a co-worker.

13)Never, ever involve lawyers!


15)Always work as a team.



18)It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.




22)Never, ever bother Gibbs in interrogation.

23)Never mess with a Marine’s coffee if you want to live.





28)Never run with sharp objects.

29)Never fall asleep at your desk while handwriting a report.









38)Your case, your lead. (Bounce)



Never work the system when you can work the people.

Never underestimate your opponent.

Never say you’re sorry—it’s a sign of weakness.

Gibbs' Unofficial Rules:

1)Don’t believe in coincidences.

2)Do believe in bad luck.

3)Don’t speak geek, speak English.

4)Slap only the back of your underlings’ heads.

5)Always anticipate.

6)Know how to do every job that your underlings can do (this rule falls down if one your underlings happens to be Tim McGee, but we would all get a good laugh watching Gibbs trying to hack into the

CIA's computers)

7)If a computer doesn’t work, hit it.

8)Always acknowledge good work by underlings.

9)When using Truth by Intimidation, always remain silent for at least a count of 5 after doing the act of intimidation, at which point the canary will sing.

10)When in the interrogation room, stop the recording devices when the information strays into personal matters irrelevant to the investigation (e.g., don’t ask/don’t tell rules for gay Marines, revelations of unrequited love)

11)When your cell phone breaks, have DiNozzo "fix" it (unwrap a new one from the supply drawer)

12)Always ask for permission to touch the body: it belongs to the Medical Examiner (Ducky has been known to get stroppy if anyone spoils his crime scene, he reportedly threw somebody down a hill).

13)When doing a shootout, don’t kill the hostage and avoid shooting off their ear.
14)Don't call Ziva 'Ma'am' and don’t call Jenny 'Madam Director', if you want to live.
15)When hacking the CIA, give underlings a get out of jail free pass.
16)When breaking others' rules, do not get caught.
17)If you want to gain access to a secure area to investigate, carry a cup of coffee and some paperwork and act like you belong.
18)Never, ever (ever) get Ziva angry.

Abby’s Unofficial Rules:

1)Remember her birthday.
2)Treat the team as family: desertion not permitted.
3)Scientists do not rely on luck.
4)Gibbs' gut is allowed to be lucky because he is not a scientist.
5)Don't forget to defrag your computer.
6)Trust the evidence.
7)Trust Gibbs.
8)Dress codes are for other people.
9)Be kind to your equipment.

10)Always keep a spare Caf-POW
11)Be happy.

12)Be the energizer bunny of forensic science—never give up.

McGee’s Unofficial Rules:

1)When in doubt, speak geek.
2)When colleagues insist that the characters in your book are based on them, repeat the word "fiction" as many times as possible.
3)When the computers don't work and the computer technicians won't work, fix them yourself.
4)Always speak the truth.
5)Always be respectful and polite, no matter what the provocation.
6)Take all possible opportunities to get the revenge of the nerd, whilst maintaining very polite language.
7)Use vocabulary and implacable will to intimidate the person you interrogate.
8)Be willing to stand up to gang-leaders, by using your height to stare down upon them.
9)Don't ask, so that they won't have to tell.
10)Avoid heights...and boats.

DiNozzo’s Unofficial Rules:

1)Never sit on the sidelines when your people need you.
2)If a sexually attractive female is involved in the case ALWAYS hit on her.
3)Never underestimate your opponent.
4)Always seek out a movie analogy.
5)Take every opportunity to do a Tommy Lee Jones speech from the Fugitive.
6)When doing Tommy Lee Jones impressions, get the accent right.
7)Always defuse a situation with humor rather than resorting to authoritarianism.
8)Always make sure your work is done but make it look like you are just lazing around.
9)If said work is not yet done, come back in the middle of the night to complete it.
10)Do not fall in love when working undercover.
11)Do not go undercover posing as the boyfriend of anyone.
12)Be very careful whom you tongue-kiss: it might be a man in disguise.
13)Never pick on a probie when he is down.
14)Maintain the morale of the rest of the team, even when you have sufficient experience to be really very worried about Gibbs.
15)Develop a first-name working relationship with the Director but defer to Gibbs.

16)Never date a woman who eats more than you.

17)Never ask a woman her age.

Ziva’s Unofficial Rules:

1)If it annoys you, kill it.

2)Always torture Tony when you have the chance, but never admit your true feelings. Mainly because you are still confused about them.

3)Be very stealthy when trying to capture pictures of a child bomber.

4) Be very discrete when talking about your half-brother who happens to be a double agent killer who also killed your new team's member.

LOV U ALL!!!!!

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