Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sorry I haven't been writing. The end of the school year leaves me busy. :-)
Because of how long there's been a gap, I figure, why update on things so long ago? So, I'm just gonna jump right in on today.

Well...actually idk what today's song is seeing as how I'm so sick i can't think straight. :-( And, because of my fever, I won't b at school 2moro either. fun.

Last night i was up late because i had slept all day and then i typed what i wrote in my notebook. It's a preface to something called "The Day I Died." I was kinda tired so it might not be perfect, but, tell me what you think!!


There is a prophecy about the end of the world. A beast rises out of the sea and speaks blasphemy about God. The moon turns to blood and the sun goes dark. It’s interpreted as a world leader helped by Satan to get people to fight against God. The number of the beast is 666. It is a prophecy widely known.
And then there is the son of God sent on a white horse.
Still, maybe the prophecy is leaving things out. Calling it “a beast” doesn’t exactly give details. What is it?
The end of the world, a beast from the sea, and the son of God…?
Prophecies can be misheard. People get bored. People forget, or push away, the truth. Words get reformed, rumors sprout from voices. And this prophecy is leaving something out.
Behind every successful man is a pissed off woman who just got her idea stolen. Jesus is the son of God, but who exactly is the daughter? Men are always supposed to be than women, but what if I said that the prophecy was leaving out a huge chunk of information that involved one woman saving the world?
Before the sin of Adam and Eve, the prophecy was sent to them. Adam was alone when he heard it. His sin wasn’t just the biting of the forbidden fruit; he changed the prophecy to one more of his liking. He spoke ill and lied.
Adam was told a young woman, a daughter of God, would fight the best, raised from the sea. But the beast was only a boy; a boy with a golden heart.
Even then, Lucifer was planning to revolt against God. And when he fell, he took his greed with him. He had lovers. They were mortal, unwilling, and scared. Lucifer raped them, kept them under close eye. Until the day he found a woman he’d courted to be pregnant by eight months. Apparently his attention had been averted.
He murdered the woman and stole the child. Somehow, though, the little boy just wouldn’t die. Lucifer tried to kill him, over and over, until the child was pale, for his soul had leached away. And angel was sent to them then. A messenger of God.
The angel told Lucifer how each of his lovers had become pregnant, how the love they felt for their unborn sons had caused the baby’s hearts to turn pure gold, filled with nothing except love. And the angel told him that the more he tried to kill his sons, the more power he would lose. Not only would they be invincible with their hearts, but they would age so slowly that one hundred years to humans would be a single year to them.
Lucifer banned the angel from his presence. But not before he made his opinion known. “Love in a vulnerability my sons cannot afford.”
“However vulnerable it makes you,” the angel said, “it is also a gift to love and be loved, yet a curse that your sons will carry.”
The angel also told him that if their hearts were changed, which was within Lucifer’s power, they would not be invincible. They could, and would, die just like every other human, no matter how slowly they aged. But anger blind sighted the fallen angel.
“If I cannot kill them and change is the only other option, change it will be. For a heart that loves is no heart that survives.”
And so he changed their hearts. Lucifer found every son of his and repeated the same task, killing their mothers and shifting their emotions. In time every son of his grew to be people of his craft. Magic. But they were killers. Men with pale skin, black eyes, and dark hair were feared by superstitious people. Those who believed in witchcraft warned others of the devil’s spawn. But, in time, people forgot.
It was when people started forgetting that God’s daughter was born. She was the woman of the prophecy. And she alone would stop the end of the world.

I've been watching NCIS since i woke up at noon. I forgot how good it is...if that's possible. ;-)

:-) and now i need another cat-nap. or, as ziva calls it, a bat-nap. :-) lol.

BTW, i joined Twitter, so if any of you have one, my name is EmilyZeray. thx.
luv u all!!!

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