Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let Me Go, ODE to NCIS, and Twilight

okay, you may be turned off by the title because it says "Twilight" in it, but I can explain.
so, these are the next three poems in my Washburn packet thing.
My free-verse, Let Me Go, my ODE, and my elegy.

(i'll explain the Twilight thing if you keep going, and no, it does not have anything to do with the vampire Twilight.)

this is my free-verse: Let Me Go.

You destroyed me

With the flick of your fingers.

You killed me

With the wink of your eye.

You slayed me

With that smile on your lips.

My life has no meaning

Unless you say it does.


There are chains

On my wrists.

There is a hold

On my tongue.

My lungs do not work,

My eyes do not blink,

And I can’t do a thing

Without you.


I’ve tried to break free.

I need air to breathe.

I’ve tried to break free.

But you keep me on your leash.


I can’t cry.

I think I’ll just die,

If I live

Another minute with you.

You’ve stolen my voice.

You’ve taken my power.

How do I fight back

When I don’t know what I’m after?


I was meant to search,

But not to find,

For I am wandering in this world,

But this world is not mine.


I feel the need for freedom,

To live on my own.

I don’t need you to tug on

My strings,

Like your own little puppet

You can control.


I’ve been played by you;

I’ve been torn by you;

I have nothing left to say but,

Let me go.


and now my ODE to NCIS.

Tuesdays at 8 on CBS,

The daring show gets all the press.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents have the look.

These criminal chasers don’t follow the book.


Abby, the goth; Ziva, the killer; and McGee, the geek.

All of them and more rule the week.

Tony, the player; Gibbs, the leader; Ducky the good Doc.

They make a great show you just have to watch.


Drama, action, guns, and explosions,

And then the tainted and upsetting emotions.

Marine and SEAL’s FBI; working on the sea.

All this makes NCIS the best drama on TV.


and finally, Twilight is the title to the NCIS episode where Kate Todd gets shot. now, I know writing sad poems like elegies should be easy for me, but i was drawing a blank. so, i realized that what Tony and Gibbs and McGee went through when Kate died--i didn't particularly miss her cuz i like Ziva WAY better. but McGee was having such a hard time letting go. now, i know that McGee wasn't on the roof when she was shot, but i'm taking creative license. i believe this is what McGee would feel if he was switched with Tony and he was standing right next to her when she died.



Blood, the reddest and blackest kind,

Continued to seep from the back of her head.

The bullet hole in her forehead

Scared her beautiful face

And I stared, wishing it was a dream.


I couldn’t bring myself to cry,

For shock was still settling in.

In her frozen expression,

I saw the same.

And suddenly, the tears began to fall after all.


My friend, my partner

Lay dead at my feet.

Her soul is gone,

And her murderer is, too.

My friend, my partner,

The one who was always there,

Standing at my six,

Lay dead at my feet.


My heart aches,

My lungs seem to be on fire,

For I can’t imagine life

Without her smiling face.

Survivor’s guilt can’t be all it is.


In the twilight of the morning,

My soul is on fire,

While hers is faded away.

My friend, my partner

Lay dead at my feet.

okay, lemme know what you think!!

love always,


  1. Terrific writing, imagination and prose, I am impressed with your talent. Continue to follow your passion in writing!!!!! Can't wait to read more....

    Your Momma