Tuesday, February 23, 2010

recently rediscovered songs and other news

Okay, maybe it's a cliche and stupid to some, ppl, well, whatever! I love this song, and I do not care that it's by Mitchel Musso, technically a Hannah Montana star. It's the song--not him. So...ha.

The In Crowd--

And then...


And, this is by Ana Johnsson,
Coz I Can--

(i hope Mya Ho and Lauren Frank like this song cuz it would be so cool to play it with them... hint hint...)

lol. and that's all for now. my next post with the second chapter to Taken For Granted, the NCIS Fan Fic. but right now, i'm exhausted.
i had a lot of fun at the FMS talent show with Lauren and Mya and i really appreciate all the good words!!

much love,

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