Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Songs

Since I've been posting a lot of writing lately, I figured I'd post some songs that I've been listening to lately. Please comment!

Two Is Better Than One--Boys Like Girls Ft. Taylor Swift

Two is always better than one when it feels like this. When you feel like you can't breathe without them, or when you can't spend a single second without them on your mind. When you just can't live without them...

Kellie Pickler--Don't You Know You're Beautiful?

It really says it all.

Hey, Soul Sister--Train

Doctor's orders: Repeat song until it stops being awesome. So basically, just keep listening to it til you die. lol.

Haven't Met You Yet--Michael Buble

Was anyone else disappointed that he's engaged? *sigh...* Lol. Jk.

Homerun--Megan and Liz

I love this song!!!

Bitter and Blue--Michael Weatherly

It's like swimming in chocolate: delicious and smooth

Lots of love!

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