Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Muse

So two nights ago my muse was majorly picking at my brain and this was created:
NOTE: this is just a rough draft, and im not even sure this is gonna be used, but i really like it...
and i've been thinking that i need to change it around to something else, but idk. tell me what you think.

It was the picture perfect setting--they sat on the bridge, holding hands, starring at the snow falling down into the deep gulf below. The bridge was popular for first kisses, which is exactly what Madison was thinking about while she and Brian sat there, eyes lazily drifting with the white flakes and fingers whispering against each other.
"So are we gonna do this or what?" she asked, suddenly sounding much braver than she felt.
Brian smirked and turned to her, running his free hand over her stomach, down her thigh. She shuddered. "Alright. Your harness is secure. Let's jump."
She opened her eyes--hardly realizing she's closed them--and said, "I hate heights."
"Come on, Mad. It's bungee jumping. Totally safe."
Madison stood up, squeezing his hand for support. "But... Brian, it's snowing."
She looked up at him, his green-blue eyes boring into hers and suddenly he was snaking his arms around her waist, pulling her against him, and they were kissing. Madison held on for dear life, her heart in her throat. The sensation was she was falling head first into something that took her breath away, the air pounding onto her cold cheeks... When she opened her eyes, she found she actually had fallen. He'd jumped with her in his arms.
He laughed joyously as they bounced and her tinkling voice echoed the noise. His lips went down on her neck, whispering words of encouragement, and suddenly, before Madison knew it, they were on the ground, sitting in the fresh snow, harnesses tossed away, her seated in his lap. Brian returned to kissing her neck and she closed her eyes and grasped at his jacket so she could ride out the feeling.
She shivered and he pulled back.
"Was that fun?"
"Which part? The jumping or the kissing?"
A smile spread on his lips and he said, "Jumping."
"Terrifying. But you distracted me perfectly."
And then he distracted her again, so she screamed into his mouth as the bullet hit her in the back, and he yelled, for about two seconds before the other bullet him in the forehead.
Madison held onto consciousness long enough to watch Brian's mouth foam with blood, and then she died.

This is just the first draft. Please comment!
Love, Alyssa

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